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  1. Fcomega121

    Main Site (Solved; browser change) ReCaptcha Doesn't works for me, and I can't upload anything.

    I mean I'm trying to post a juno drawing and then Everything is ready but.. I click finish over and over agan and it don't work and sometimes it tells me "Recaptcha failed, reload" but I can't even upload a thing, even with postybirb, I'm the only one?
  2. W

    Main Site Consider Alternative to ReCaptcha?

    https://blog.cloudflare.com/moving-from-recaptcha-to-hcaptcha/ Here's a blog post regarding switching from ReCaptcha but a big crux of it is privacy reasons, Google's whole business model is targeting users with advertising and selling data. Switching to an alternative Captcha provider could be...
  3. T

    Main Site Alt CAPTCHA Login

    I'm sure this may be a weird question to ask but is their an alternative login page with a different verification method? I ask because the iOS that I use for the site is old and unable to use the current verifying CAPTCHA. I saw there was an alternative until a few months ago so I was wondering...