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  1. D

    Make Yugioh cards of your fursona

    I found this website a while back and played around with it. Basically, if you are familiar with the card duel game, you know there are lots of fun possibilities when you have the abilities to make your very own, so I'm dropping a link to the website, and I'd like to see what you all can come up...
  2. Khei

    Retooled CFC Cards (Requests closed. Dead PC.)

    First some clarification because I KNOW people are gonna ask. CFC = Card Fighters Clash. CFC is an old Neogeo game by Capcom that hosted both Capcom and SNK characters. I CANNOT accept cashy money for my edits. I do, however, enjoy editing them. So here's the deal. You provide the following...
  3. snizard

    would you want a card like this? nsfw

    She is my queen of hearts. I would have her as a real card ^-^ And you? www.furaffinity.net: Queen of hearts by snizard
  4. Austin Silver

    Card Throwing

    Hello everyone, I have been throwing standard playing cards for about three years now. I must say it is fun to annoy people, give them paper cuts when they piss me off at poker, and chop vegetables in half. How many others out there throw cards as well, and have used Banshees. Was just...
  5. Zel_____

    Holiday cards with drawings!

    Hey all! I just ordered a pack of holiday cards. This is the design that's on the front: If you would like a holiday card from me, I can include a custom sketch or ink on the inside for you. Card + Sketch = $9 Card + Ink = $18 You can see more of my work at Userpage of WanderingYena --...
  6. LadyFromEast

    Any furry Gwent players over there?

    Just wondering: are there any furry Gwent players? If yes, you're free to add me (LadyFromEast) And we can play a friendly match of Gwent whenever we have the time <3 The game is still in open beta, but it sure is playable and fun! Also, what are your favourite decks you're using in game? I...