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  1. Zehlua

    Seeking Roleplayers! Carnival Disco Party!

    SEEKING: Comedy, romance, NSFW, and fursona RPers, as well as kind folks who like to chat and make friends! GENRES: Modern, fantasy, sci fi, romance, comedy, slice of life, erotic STORY: In a cavern beneath the surface of the moon, one wild nightspot reigns surpeme... Club Nocturne is a disco...
  2. Zehlua

    Club Nocturne: Disco Carnival

    Genres: Romance, Comedy, Fantasy, Modern, Sci-Fi, Friendship, Slice of Life, Erotic. Can be casual and short-term or involved and long-term, depending on your play preference. Story: In a cavern beneath the surface of the moon, a wild and funky dance club opens its doors to the creatures of the...