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  1. asthmacat

    Anyone into cars that can give me advice?

    i have a 2005 toyota corolla (badass, i know) she's a great car for having a not-so-new model. doesn't give me many problems that run me out of my wallet minus some minor fixes that a typical over 200,000 miles car would have.......until now but hopefully not. these problems may or may not be...
  2. FluffyShutterbug

    Autonomous Cars

    I love cars. I've been in love with them since I was a small child. However, as most people know, autonomous, self-driving cars are poised to take over our streets, but it's hard to figure out just how close that day is. This is a very nuanced sort of issue, so I wonder, how much more time is...
  3. Foxxorz

    :U wat

    Hullo :3 I have been lurking around the art site for years and years and years and never bothered to check out the forum. WELL now I'm here and am going to give my input on things I find relevant to my interests! These things include foxes, sci-fi shit, and appearing to be (while not actually...
  4. Maximus B. Panda

    When you are parking your car and....

    You get your parking wrong the first time, so you try and correct it, then one weirdo starts watching you like you are doing something wrong, then another looks your way, and another, and soon you've got a whole crowd of assholes watching you as you're trying to park your goddamn car! In these...
  5. Kioskask

    What do you wish to drive?

    If you drive a car, what car is it and do you like it? What is your dream car? Do you think you will ever buy it?
  6. Maximus B. Panda


    I love driving my car. It's so cool to commandeer such an awesome machine that gets me around. I love driving throughout the countryside and desert, just for the trip. I like driving. Every time I hit the road, it's a new adventure to me. You need to be alert and ready if you want to avoid...
  7. StormTheHusky

    Hello! >w<

    Hello everyone! I'm Jordan, but you can call me Storm if you'd like, either is fine <: I'm just a shy, cuddly, caring guy who likes Pokémon, all sorts of regular furry species, cars/auto racing, military stuff, anime/manga and video games XD I also like to write, (try to) draw, and even roleplay...
  8. BackwardsDrifter

    Survey for Uni work

    Could people fill out this survey I created for some work I'm doing for my degree? I'd really appreciate it. www.surveymonkey.co.uk: Should Emissions Be Reduced In Motorsport? Survey It's a survey on whether more of an effort should be made to reduce the amount of harmful emissions in...