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cartoon network

  1. Rap Daniel

    My review of Cartoon Network's (and ZAG's) Power Players

    I'm not a professional critic. This is just my opinion of the show. I like it. The characters are likeable, voice acting is really well done, and the animation is good, but lackluster at times. The 'morals' of each episode can get pretty cheesy, but it's not too bad. Overall, I think Power...
  2. Xander Martin

    Journey To The Central Nervous System Of Muriel (Courage TCD vore fanfic)

    www.furaffinity.net: Journey To The Central Nervous System Of Muriel by BackupAccount Perhaps one of the most wonderfully weird and disturbing things you'll ever read; feel free to check it out
  3. animaster888

    the secret saturdays 10 year annaversary

    looking for fans of the show to celebrate the 10 year anniversary with! its on October 3rd 2018 you can come via tumblr - thesecretsaturdaysrp.tumblr.com or aminoapps thesecretsaturdaysrp.tumblr.com https://aminoapps.com/invite/8MO19KHRA9
  4. Matt the Terrier

    Krypto the Superdog memories/discussion

    Anybody here remember Superdog when it was still a thing? If not or you've never heard of it, I'll post a link to the wikia (and would recommend spending a few minutes on Dailymotion, looking for the episodes if they're still up): krypto.wikia.com: Krypto the Superdog Wiki I just wanted to talk...