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cartoon style

  1. Phoenixflaym_Eternity

    How to Escape the Sonic Style Stigma?

    How can I convince people to stop seeing my art as “Sonic art” and my characters as Sonic fan characters? This is not a new problem. It is something that has aggravated me for my entire 15+ years in the furry community. Over that time period my art has improved dramatically, and I’ve...
  2. Wheeze

    (Commission) Selling: ($50+) $50 MINI COMMISSIONS!! Customs also available! Cartoony or Cute styles!

    i'm in need of a bit of cash for rent and food and such, so i'm opening a batch of mini commissions! these will all be a flat price of $50 (+$20 for custom designs) and will include the following: full color (lines, flats, shading) two styles to choose from (cartoony or cute/"neopets" style)...
  3. Chann3l-Chas3r

    Commissions (Selling) - Colored and Shaded Character Art with Frame and Abstract Background [Starting @ $60]

    Hi there, all! Sorry that this isn't the most polished of posts. I've been doing art entirely for fun until... well, quite literally right now! Sudden financial stress has me doing this before I had time to get every one of my ducks in a row, so I don't have much of a variety with my commission...
  4. LizardKing05

    Hiring: ($15+) (CLOSED) Seeking someone to draw cartoonish avatar

    I really like this Yu-Gi-Oh! card, Orion. I know the card is outdated and absolute trash, but I have a nostalgic love for the monster that borders on obsession. Willing to pay between $15-$20 for this (slightly NSFW) avatar commission - willing to pay up to $25 if alternate versions of avatar...
  5. DariusTheLoony

    The Politically Correct World Of Darius

    Are you looking for a hot new take on cartoons? Are you looking for a new adventure just waiting to happen? Are you looking to see a brand new adventure story that you could only see in the movies like who framed Rodger rabbit or cool world? Then this is definitely the story that you have been...
  6. Old World Bird

    (Base/YCH) Selling: Atmospheric YCHs (15$ - 35$)

    •| ━━━━━━━ ❪ OPEN SLOTS ❫ ━━━━━━━ |• Fly me to the Moon (YCH.Commishes Auction) Autumn Forest (set price 35$) Hot news (set price 35$)
  7. Old World Bird

    (Commission) Selling: Digital & Traditional Cartoon-style Portraits [7-16$]

    4/5 SLOTS OPEN DISCOUNT ON SETS -1$ for every piece starting from second -2$ for every piece starting from fifth ! Only if you commission bunch at once PRICES Digital art: Digital sketch - 7$ (www.furaffinity.net: Sketchy portrait by Old-World-Bird) Digital full color - 15$...
  8. SourApplePunch

    (Commission) Selling: Discounted!! HQ SFW+NSFW ($25-$45+)

    hi y'all im bab! im new to the site and looking to build up some more commission examples :•) all of these prices are at a slight discount for the next few weeks while i work on new stuff! base prices: ❀ bust: $25 ✿ half body: $35 ❀ full body: $45 ✿ **complex character designs will be priced...
  9. Koltheim

    (Commission) Selling: KT's Commissions!

    Koltheim's Commissions Hello! My name is Nikolas, or "Koltheim" and I am primarily a SFW cartoon artist, worldbuilder and character designer. Trello / koltheim@gmail.com / Instagram Please reply to this thread or email me if interested! SCROLL DOWN FOR RULES, WHAT I WILL AND WON'T DRAW...
  10. foxkitz

    (Commission) Selling: Cartoony digital comms! ~$10-$25

    cant do: -mecha -super detailed/designs -feral animals other than cats/canines -nsfw/gore otherwise, if you're interested, message me! i have more examples of my art as well
  11. F

    Cartoon commissions!

    hey! in need of some extra funds! Thanks guys! ^U^ - I charge $20 per extra character. - I will get it in 2 weeks to a month! If I absolutely can't do it I will refund you. I'll keep you updated regardless unless I'm extremely busy! - I do half payments! meaning pay half now and then the...
  12. hypnotizedbydragoneyes

    Best Tutorials For Simple/Cartoony Art Style

    Hello. I have very little experience in art but I'm looking to get into art as well as animation. I'm trying to develop an art style that leans more heavily on the cartoony/simplistic side but every furry tutorial I've found leans more on the side of realistic anthro art. Are there any good...
  13. Pharaoh-Ink

    Cartoon style drawings starting at $10!

    Howdy! I've been online on various sites such as deviantART, Fur Affinity of course, and tumblr. I've done many commissions in the past and thought I would post here in case anyone might be interested! CAN DO: Humans Animals Cartoon styles Character design Fandom Original SFW images WILL...
  14. adorobou

    Offering Commissions starting at $10

    hey! I am offering commissions starting at $10 for sketches, $15 for lined, $25 for flat color and $30 for shaded examples below: (click to enlarge) PS I am new to FA so I hope I'm doing this right!