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  1. clowntown

    (Commission) Selling: ($5+) Cheap Art Commissions (OPEN)

    HEY THERE So your gal is saving up for a gamecube and decided that art commissions were the best route to go.......maybe lol so anyways im gonna be open for a bit until i reach my goal ~ REGULAR PRICES (vary on character complexity) These are for your furries, scalies, humans, and whatever...
  2. dahbastard

    Show Me Badass Cartoon Characters

    Here are some of mine. Let me see yours! https://www.furaffinity.net/view/39721261/ https://www.furaffinity.net/view/39555810/ https://www.furaffinity.net/view/39555754/
  3. Axel Lionhart

    (Commission) Selling: ($15+) Commissions OPEN

    Commissions always open. Commission form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1GdInRKtJgvKokYx74ekVqF6LrnRXako2GkqTGqqbpgw/edit… Furaffinity: https://furaffinity.net/user/axellionhart/… Trello: https://trello.com/b/UkgJArPZ/axellionhart-commissions-2020… Portifolio: https://artstation.com/alexsevero...
  4. Smeaf

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: 3D Head/Torso Sculpt $50

    Hi I'm Smeaf, I am a digital Sculptor and am currently open for commissions. I mainly do head and torso sculpts. Below are examples of my work. I accept payment through paypal right now, you can direct message me here or on discord. Discord: Keeffe#3975 Please message me and give me your ref...
  5. artisticKitsune

    (Commission) Selling: artisticKitsune-Commissions Open! $5+ (SFW and NSFW)

    If interested in commissioning please Note me here or on Deviantart: artistic-kitsune Tumblr: murdercrow (I don't post art here) Twitter: artisticKitsune Gmail: akdoesart@gmail.com FurAffinity: artisticKitsune Instagram: artistickitsune_doesart Please read my ToS before commissioning...
  6. RazedAbyss


    A COMIC ABOUT A STOIC MILITARY-VET UNICORN AND HIS CARTOON WILDCARD BEST FRIEND AS THEY TRAVEL ACROSS DIFFERENT DIMENSIONS IN SEARCH OF PROFIT AND ADVENTURE! The comic is inspired by the likes of Sam & Max, Atomic Robo and SCUD the Disposable Assassin! An action comedy based in a zany...
  7. Koltheim

    (Commission) Selling: [15-82$] Maes commissions and character design

    Hi all- welcome 2 my page to order write a comment and I will dm you. Something like "I'd like a shaded bust" works fine! ♡PayPal only- thank you♡ ─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ─── BUSTS these r just a base prices. They will go up with character complexity. 15 usd flat 20 usd shaded + 15-20 for...
  8. BrunoMax895

    Hiring: I need someone to make art promoting my show and Patreon ($15-$20)

    Hey there. I was wondering if I can have someone draw characters from my animated comedy show, V.I.P. Very Important Pup. That would be Bruno, the dachshund, and Maxwell, the terrier mix. Also, I would like a third silhouetted dog character that other people could make to be part of the show...
  9. BrunoMax895

    V.I.P. Very Importat Pup (My animated series still in development)

    Hey there, guys. I've had account from FA before a while ago and I just recently made a new one, and I enjoy seeing a lot of the art that can be found there. I thought I would make a thread here discussing and sharing the show that I'm currently working called V.I.P. Very Important Pup. It's an...
  10. DLewis28

    What are some of your favorite Christmas specials?

    Are their any TV specials you enjoy watching each Christmas?
  11. mister_digby

    (Commission) Selling: Quality Art for Discerning Tastes! - $10 - $600

    All Manner of Art by Digby I'm opening myself up to do commissions for various types of art! I charge $25/hr. Price ranges are estimates taking into account variations such as sketches/line art/flat colour/painting/etc. as well as details such as backgrounds, accessories, companions, etc...
  12. GrayMech

    M/M want to rp as characters from games/cartoons on discord

    i want to try RPing as characters from games and cartoons, willing to top or bottom, i like to really get into character and take on their personality. some characters i want to try RPing as: panthro from 2011 thundercats, bowser, pete from disney, king genn greymane and thrall from world of...
  13. Draweeboo

    Draweebo - New Artist

    Hello, I'm an artist and I'm new at furry affinity. I would love if you come to check my work and please MAKE SUGESTIONS, I'm doing them for free, for now. But if you want a personal work, polished and painted the way u want, just order a comission. Click Here: My FurAffinity Profile
  14. Hoffmangler

    Hiring: Cartoony Commissions (Rabbit, Duck) ~$100 Budget

    I'm creating a card game and I need art for 8 of the cards. The game is based on the cartoons when Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck argue over whether it's duck season or rabbit season. The art would be 3.5 inches by 2.5 inches, so they fit on a poker-sized playing card. I imagine most of the art...
  15. Misha Bordiga Zahradník

    Hiring: [Closed] Political Satire Cartoon (50$ USD)

    Hiring for a modern rendition of this old political cartoon... ...with Boris Johnson in the place of Father Thames. Non color, but needing a fair level of detail. Will be posted to social media with artist credit. (Though you may request to remain anonymous). Sketch should be original but as...
  16. Hail-Purity

    (Commission) Selling: 10 dollar headshots!

    Hi! I'm offering headshots for 5-10 dollars, pixel art is 5 regular is 10 Examples: (final product will contain shading on request) Pixel Art: Regular: My FA: Userpage of PurityCat -- Fur Affinity [dot] net My DA: Hail-Purity | DeviantArt
  17. Xander Martin

    Journey To The Central Nervous System Of Muriel (Courage TCD vore fanfic)

    www.furaffinity.net: Journey To The Central Nervous System Of Muriel by BackupAccount Perhaps one of the most wonderfully weird and disturbing things you'll ever read; feel free to check it out
  18. foxkitz

    (Commission) Selling: Cartoony digital comms! ~$10-$25

    cant do: -mecha -super detailed/designs -feral animals other than cats/canines -nsfw/gore otherwise, if you're interested, message me! i have more examples of my art as well
  19. aljordankntc

    (Commission) Selling: Anime/Cartoon Hybrid Artstyle Starting at $10

    Hi! I'm opening up for commissions, and right now I'm only taking a few. I would love to draw up some animal characters, or make some screenshot type commissions, but if you are interested in another inquiry, feel free to shoot me an email! : alexandrajordankntc@gmail.com View this commission...
  20. BLARGEN69

    (Commission) Selling: ☆ High quality cartoon commissions starting at 20$! Chibis, Full Bodies, Refs! NSFW DEF OKAY!~

    lordZigra@gmail.com HEY THERE!~ _へ__(‾◡◝ )> Commissions are open for a limited time! I've got my biggest convention coming up and need to buy some new merch!~ --- I draw in a predominantly cartoony anime-influenced style, and am willing to draw just about anything! -Original Characters!-...