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cartoonish style

  1. Evok Studios

    (Commission) Selling: Cartoon Style Commissions ($20 - $60)

    Evok : Goltten :) Hey, everyone! I do cartoon style. I love use textures! I do nsfw and gore <3 Others examples: www.furaffinity.net: Graduation by EvokStudio www.furaffinity.net: Wolfie by EvokStudio Gore: www.furaffinity.net: So tasty! by EvokStudio My prices: www.furaffinity.net: Reference...
  2. raccoon-ears

    (Commission) Selling: (sfw only)commissions to help with college expenses! ($5-30)

    I wanted to make some extra money for college! i start in a few weeks and it'll be nice to have some emergency money on the side! ICONS: $5 I love doing icons, i try to keep them pretty cheap since they don't really take me long to do. all icons will come fully colored shaded! HALF...
  3. hypnotizedbydragoneyes

    Best Tutorials For Simple/Cartoony Art Style

    Hello. I have very little experience in art but I'm looking to get into art as well as animation. I'm trying to develop an art style that leans more heavily on the cartoony/simplistic side but every furry tutorial I've found leans more on the side of realistic anthro art. Are there any good...
  4. gobithedog

    Commissions and adopts(PAYPAL ONLY)

    Hello everyone! I'm opening commissions, here is the prices and rules: My FA page My DA Page And I have some unsold adopts too: Examples: Set price adopts DA POST FA POST Offer to adopt(paypal only): DA POST FA POST DA POST FA POST Here is some more and more and here is my...
  5. pimpartist

    Historical and Military Commissions!

    Heya! I do military and historical work! Check out my pricelist and examples below: Here are some examples of my military/historical illustration work, with uniforms from different countries and time periods: Check out my FA for more examples of my work: Userpage of pimpartist -- Fur...