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  1. Andie

    I'm New!

    Hi! My name is Andie and I'm New here uwu, I was looking to make some new friends! I love watching cartoons, reading web comics, playing video games, and writing stories! I'm kinda shy but I promise I'm super nice once you get to know me XD
  2. Koriekraiz13

    A challenge from me

    This is to all the artists and people who don't yet know how to draw, This is a challenge for anyone up for it, I want you to draw a cartoon character, any character, child friendly or not, but, (oh my god where has my life went by saying this singular word) as a furry, and if they already are...
  3. Koriekraiz13

    cartoons you lived on as a kid

    Everyone has at least one favourite tv show or cartoon they binge watched as a kid like me with skatooni and total drama, * you know already just cut to the point* what was your favourite cartoon as a kid, and let me just point out Kids