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  1. Skakuna

    Curving a hole in foam

    My fursuit head will have 2 pairs of eyes. The bigger ones of course will be on my eyelevel so I can see. BUT! The second pair will be on my cheeks. I wanted to make them 'vents' so I will be able to stay in fursuit longer a bit. But then there is a question. When should I carve the eyesocets...
  2. Kebechet

    Magic wands! Featuring your totem/fursona!

    Here's one that I'm currently working on: Prices vary, depending on wood type, size, complexity of the design you want, and if it has additional bits like inlaid gemstones, or antler. If I have a wood in stock, it's generally a bit cheaper. Prices: For wands with simple carvings, like paw...