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casual rp

  1. AstroRey

    LF: Short term/ Small/ Quick RP

    Hello! My name is Astro and Im a 24 year old non- binary folk looking for a long term roleplay fun. CURRENT PLOT IDEA: You are comfortably resting in your house when a sudden - loud - thud, followed by your bathroom courtain falling and breaking things on its way down, caught your attetion...
  2. NovaSwiftBrony

    Looking for NSFW rp partner

    Looking for someone who is open to do nsfw rps. Male or female is open and allowed. If you're interested and have a discord please add me and hit me up. Discord: NovaTheLucario#6590 I am open to do furry x furry, furry x human, and pokemon rps. We can discuss settings and kinks on discord...
  3. GoingSwimmingly

    [OPEN] Biosphere Life

    Far away from human civilization lies a utopia called The Biosphere. It was built for anthropomorphic creatures by anthropomorphic creatures in order to make a society where they could live their lives untainted by humanity. They created biomes that suited every creatures needs, from the biggest...
  4. Paxxy

    Little oasis role play server.

    Hello everyone, I would like to invite you to the little oasis, an 18+ role play server for discord. while an adult only server, we have non erp rooms also, and about 30 active members! Stop by and give us a glance, we don't bite hard! ^-^ Discord - Free voice and text chat for gamers
  5. W


    In a virtual world gone haywire, everyone is experiencing... glitches. They’ve gained abilities from other games and sprung up to the highest levels. But the game quests are gone! This takes place in a small town in a failed VR game called “Project_SLife” It is a casual SFW roleplay, PG-13...
  6. Justin93Daniels

    Any open story-based RP Channels going on? Preferrably ones that DO allow humans among the furries?

    Kinda-sorta new here. Haven't done any Forum RP, aside from an app-type post in another forum, but in it, someone started an RP thing, and another person interacted with 'em, followed by other people joining in, writing their own story-type things that eventually connected them into a single...
  7. SammieTheFoxie

    Casual Roleplay (and art) Discord server!

    I have posted here before, but my server has been growing and changing over the past few weeks, and we'd like to get some new members in! For those who don't know, I run a Discord server for RP. It's mainly focused on casual group roleplay. However, that's not all that we do on the...
  8. De4dsh0t

    Looking for literate long term rp parthers

    I'm mainly ok with rping anything. Also I I'm doing this to make new friends aswell. Plz only comment if you're actually interested. Here's some rps I'm extremely uncomfortable with •vore •babyfur •mlp U get the point basically I also Skype and discord if u want chat I. Messaging app.
  9. S

    Looking for a female roleplay partner for casual/sexual stories.

    I'm an anthro male wolf looking for female roleplay partners. We can discuss whatever is neccisary beforehand. Feel free to message if interested. :3
  10. HalfDeadHyena

    Looking for RP partners!

    Heya everybody! Kinda new here, but I'm looking for some RP partners! I'd mainly want to do weight gain rp's, adventure rp's and just casual rp's If you're interested, just send me a note or leave a reply! I hope to speak to some of you soon!