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  1. MainHammond

    White Cat Legend Epic Fight Scene

    I have never heard of this anime before, but when I saw this clip my mind was blown. I need to find a way to watch this chinese anime Edit: Chinese Anime is called Donghua....didn't know that either.
  2. Alska404

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Sunset Cheetah Furry | Auction Sb10$ | OPEN

    This is my first time posting in forum sorry if its messy >-< Hi there! I am pretty proud of this cutie honestly but here we go for auction! If you would like a custom of this base please pm me ! Cross posted to DA/FB/Insta I will post if anyone comments from there. CURRENT BID 10$ (ON FB)...
  3. daebosch

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: CLOSED AUCTION: Feline girl SB $25 / AB $60

    Auction ends in 30/06/2020 SB - $25 MI: $5 AB: $60 Paypal only GENERAL INFORMATION - Credit me if posting the original work in public places. - Credit for design-work on a character is highly appreciated. - I retain the rights to post the art for personal purposes. (portfolio and art blogs...
  4. OstrichAdopts

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: OPEN Anthro Adopts (€17)

    Price: €17 each FurAffinity link: www.furaffinity.net: Anthro Adopts [ 3/3 OPEN ] by OstrichAdopts
  5. Spoodlee

    (Commission) Selling: Symmetrical Shaded Headshots/Icons - $15

    Please check out my website for more commission options and information! WHEN COMMISSIONING ME... You are automatically agreeing to my terms of service, please refer to my TOS! Everything you need to know is there. <3 This is my first time making an advert on a forum, so please pardon any...
  6. CatizaDrawings

    First attempt at realistic cat

    I drew my cat Snub. I love him very much and cats in general are just awesome. So I want to learn how to draw them. If I get good enough I hope to draw other people's cats to :) If you have any good tips for drawing short fur I'm also open for that!
  7. Johnnyboy

    I'm a furry now

    Hi, Someone told me to design my own fursona as a joke, and now I'm an actual furry. Funny how that goes. This is literally my first day being one, so if there's any etiquette and such that I should follow, please tell me. I'm an artist, so I suppose I should post some of my art ;) This...
  8. GreenGiraffe

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Cat Girl and her Alien Twin

    Cute kitties … They’re Twins: the girl is from Earth while her sister was cloned and modified by alien race to became a futa. They met after quite a many years and now want to be together! Prices for adoption One for $55 Both for $100 NSFW! [RULES] *Payment: PayPal *Please be...
  9. Hashiin

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Spring cat brother! 10USD

    Help spring find his home! $10, Paypal only. Send the art via email. HERE: www.furaffinity.net: [ADOPTS] [OPEN] Autumn and Spring by hashiin
  10. E

    Request: Chomp Kitty from Glitch Techs

    I wonder if someone could draw Chomp Kitty from the Netflix show Glitch Techs? Chomp Kitty is a big green cat with sharp teeth. Chomp Kitty is a Living Glitch from a video game in the Glitch Techs universe. Chomp Kitty would be good for vore or macro stuff. Chomp Kitty on the Glitch Techs wiki...
  11. CharTem

    Request: New Fursona Needs Art

    Hello! I was wondering if anyone would like to draw my new fursona: www.furaffinity.net: Felix Ref by CharTem He's a mainecoon light magician and I would really appreciate any art I could get of him! Thank you for taking the time to read this!
  12. Rockclawmon

    Merow, hello!

    Hello! The names Rockclaw. I'm a fuzzy little grey cat who is apart of Thunderclan (the Warriors book series is one of the things made me a furry.) Not new to being a furry, but new to these fourms. I hope I can make some new friends!!!! Other fursona I have: Bluefire=blue latex pooltoy dragon...
  13. A

    Can someone help draw my Fursona I’m 12 and new to the Fandom

    Please help draw my fursona concept art it has Blue and Red eyes and is Orange and Brown Cat I’m really bad at drawing will anyone help please
  14. N

    Request: Looking for an icon of my sona?

    I was thinking something kinda cute like her blushing or having a shy-ish expression and holding a heart-shaped pillow or something? Thanks if you consider it. I CANNOT afford commissions, sorry. Doubt anyone will make this for me but I really would appreciate it... -------
  15. the sleepiest kitty

    (Base/YCH) Selling: $5 Cat "Loaf" YCH

    www.furaffinity.net: Loaf Kitty YCH $5 by bluesky.love Please check out my YCH on FurAffinity, I'm trying to save up some extra cash. ^^ ♡ Note me on FA or DM me here if interested. Have a great day, furriends!
  16. Sorang

    Tutorial: Video Tutorial: How to draw a cat

    didinossauro on Twitter asked me for a help on drawing a cat. So I made a video for Didinossauro who has been interacting with me quite frequently! I hope it will help him and also others those need help with drawing a cat. You will be able to learn why you should be aware of the structure of...
  17. vickers

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: $5 USD Feral cat adopts [OPEN 4/6]

    $5 dollars each!! Comment to claim, or PM me with your paypal e-mail. I'll send you an invoice, and once you send the payment, you will receive the transparent full sized file (1039x809) 1. OPEN 2. OPEN 3. OPEN 4. SOLD 5. SOLD 6. OPEN YOU MAY: Choose name/gender Make minor changes to the...
  18. Renneon

    (Base/YCH) Selling: Retro-style and swimsuit pinup YCH's [30-80$]

    Need some neat retro anime vibes ? Want to cruise in a cool ride next to a neon city ? Search no further ! • This YCH is 80 $, one slot only ! (if you allow me to reuse the car/ background for me to make into a poster for my redbubble , it'll be discounted to 70 $ ;) ) • Your character will be...
  19. FluffyShutterbug

    Tabby Appreciation Thread

    Aren't the best cats the ones that have an M on their foreheads?
  20. N

    Request: Can someone please draw my fursona?..

    I really REALLY haven't been feeling the greatest as of late and I need help cheering up.. + I can't afford commissions. SFW only please...