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  1. DeclanHaselhurst

    Main Site Request to add new species in search category filter

    On the advanced search panel in the image results, there are no selections for elephants, buffalo or tapir art in the "Species" list. Can those species be added in the above list (i.e. "Species" in Advanced Search filters)?
  2. divineirony

    new site, unsure the limiations of art category

    hi, im new to this site. my name is divine irony and i draw lewds both furry, and non furry in a wide variety of categories. my friend told me that this site accepts a wide variety of things, but my question is, what cant this site accept? thank you for reading this post
  3. J


    I thought it would be a good idea to make it so you could change what kind of content you get from each of the people you follow. Since some people use mature to post things that are suggestive, and some use mature to post... Private parts that could be in Adult instead. For example,user A posts...
  4. I

    streaming submission alternatives

    Would it be possible to create an alternate upload section specifically for users posting streaming submissions? With increasing frequency dozens of submissions a day being uploaded and taken down and more often than not, submissions advertising livestreams that stay up for days clogging up the...
  5. C

    How to Hide Certain Art Submission Categories from Search?

    Basically, Every time I log into the browse category; there's either feet, hyper, skat/water sports or vore for every other art submission.. Can someone tell me where to find the setting to turn on specified search options to exclude feet, vore, hyper, and skat/water sports from my browsing...
  6. Inkblooded

    Filter/BLACKLIST tags

    Please let us have a blacklist. I have nothing against NSFW art and I am fine with seeing it (so no, "turn on SFW mode" is not the answer) but I do not like the kind of extreme and specific NSFW that's popular on FurAffinity. It seems like with every refresh there are at least 5 submissions...
  7. M

    Submission category addition to allow ych reminders ect.

    So currently it's against FA rules to post things like YCH reminder submissions and such. There's a twofold solution that while I'm not sure how hard it would be to implement, I thought would be a good one to allow people to post these things. firstly, add a new submission category in with the...
  8. maxgoof

    Modernized Music Categories

    It has been proposed and asked for many times in the past, even by music admins. We really need to update the music categories. Many seem rather silly, such as categorizing by decade while some categories are missing entirely--Country, Folk, Broadway, New Age, Easy Listening, just to name a few...