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  1. Katana_in

    (Base/YCH) Selling: ych_warriors cats• OPEN (0/5)

    YCH OPEN 5 SLOTS FIX PRICE - 20$ Payment - BOOSTY ( mini payment guide: ) or buymeacoffee.com Example: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/katanain/ •the cat can be changed, the pose cannot be changed •you can add accessories •Payment first. Art will be completed in 3 - 7 days. ♡♡♡♡♡ I also...
  2. DusterBluepaw

    Where did the term "beans" for paws originate?

    So ive noticed getting back into the fandom again and talking to people, i hear people refer to paws as beans, where did this start? is there some kind of origin story? i tried searching but i get results like thats what theyre officially called, but i think thats wrong, im talking about the toe...
  3. QueenSekhmet

    Lackadaisy Anyone?

    SO! how many lackadaisy fans are out there? in case you don't know,"Lackadaisy is a webcomic created by American artist Tracy J. Butler. Set in a Prohibition-era 1927 St. Louis with a population of anthropomorphic cats, the plot chronicles the fortunes of the Lackadaisy speakeasy after its...
  4. nicxv

    (Commission) Selling: ($100+) High quality semi realism bust shots! 1 day delivery!

    Hi! I'm Nicole and I'm doing some bust shots, it usually don't take too much time. Hope you like it! If you're interested or have any questions, please reach out on my dms or on my discord! Price: $100 per bust shot Social media: Deviant art FurAffinity page Reviews from past clients Discord...
  5. The Spirit Guardian

    About my black cat sona.

    So, one of the various reasons I decided to go with a black cat was because of how nice they were! Generally, it seems the public has different takes on what seeing a black cat could mean, but I have one prime reason that fueled and finalized my decision. So, where I live is this sleepy little...
  6. Barafu_PineBerry

    Realm Shift: Hocatto the warrior needs voice actors!

    Title page https://www.furaffinity.net/view/49560065/ 7imberWolf , BigBullyBiggs, and I are creating a furry audio book called Realm Shift: Hocatto the warrior I need volunteer amateur voice actors for costar and secondary characters. 7 male roles and 2 female roles are available, all are cats...
  7. Kitcatmilk


    I have this YCH auction open for grabs, I’ve been trying to get rid of it for awhile now! I have it up in other places too though <3 I’m gonna see how it does here (: so any bids would be awesome! I’m trying to save to get out of my moms house so my daughter has more space since she’s starting...
  8. Kitcatmilk

    Commissions (Selling) OPEN! Digitally Painted CATS&DOGS *realistic*

    Commissions Currently Open! NOTE — I have screenshotted my art from my Instagram and cropped because I’m just lazy and don’t feel like searching for my files in google photos lmaoooo, had to add because you can tell stuff is cropped out on some of them. This is the real Kitcatmilk! (-: I'm...
  9. NikGee

    'Feline Funnies' comic strip series

    Hello, everyone I'm completely new to FA as I've opened an account to post my [non-kinky] comic strip series called "Feline Funnies". Here's a link to my page: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/nikgee/ I draw comics just for the passion of it; I already got a full time job so I have no need to...
  10. potato-kun

    Any cats here?

    all cat people meet up here. no stinky canines allowed
  11. S

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Cat adoptables!($10 each!)

    Hi! I'm new to Furaffinity and furry art/fandom in general so I wanted to break in with some adoptables since I'm used to making things like that! So let's start with some cats! Prices are in USD, please reply with which one you would like if you want one so I can PM you for your details...
  12. kyriamask

    (Base/YCH) Selling: ych with special discounts[10 -00]

    ych specials with discount Your work would be much more beautiful and detailed than the examples shown. n1 10 usd sketch 20 usd flat color/ or character and background skecht 35 usd full color/or flat character and background 50 usd color and full background 65 usd full color nsfw version +...
  13. GreenGiraffe

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Cat Girl and her Alien Twin

    Cute kitties … They’re Twins: the girl is from Earth while her sister was cloned and modified by alien race to became a futa. They met after quite a many years and now want to be together! Prices for adoption One for $55 Both for $100 NSFW! [RULES] *Payment: PayPal *Please be...
  14. corpsdoll

    Request: LF art of my big kitty girl!!

    Hii I adopted a beautiful baby today and I just rly wanted to get some art of her ;w; If anyone could draw her, it would mean the absolute WORLD to me!! Please and thank you for your time and consideration!! (Extras; She's slightly chubby, her eyes are a blush pink, and she's a tiger!
  15. Ancert.Reovolt

    Fursona animal noises

    I want you to type out the sounds that your fursona animal makes. Or post links to the sounds that you make on soundcloud. I am a mainecoon the biggest and the best of all house cats. I have two vocal chord sets that can one full octave each. What does your fursona sound like?
  16. B

    Black Cat Appreciation Thread

    Aren't they simply charming? Black cats are my favorite kind of cat. They are beautiful, sweet, affectionate and are also the least likely to be adopted. Thinking of adopting a kitty? Adopt a black cat!
  17. Skystxr

    (Commission) Selling: Cheap Commissions ($5-$13)

    All are fully shaded! All digital. Feral: Headshot: $5 Bust: $6 Fullbody: $8 Background: +$3 Extra character: +$2 Anthro: (all $5 as I am less experienced) Headshot: $5 Bust: $5 Fullbody: $5 Background: +$3 Extra Character: +$2 Reference Sheets: Feral: $8 Anthro: $6 Examples of my work(some...
  18. Tendo64

    Cat Fursonas?

    I hope this isn't too similar to other threads, but I thought about an old thread from a few years ago and thought I'd make a thread for people with fursonas that are felines. Why? Because I love cats. And I love cat characters. As one could guess, my fursona is a cat! A siamese cat.
  19. FluffyShutterbug

    Sneps Appreciation Thread!

    Yeah, I hope that this type of thread isn't getting stale, but the Sneps, the most adorable of the big kitties, must be appreciated!!!
  20. C

    Crying cat share thread

    Sharing is caring, let's share some of our Crying cat memes and edits