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  1. a sleepy kitty

    Daily gratitude sharing!

    Once a day, whenever you can, write three things that you are grateful for. You may also share a good quality about yourself, but only if you want to. You may also give a shout out to a user whom you are grateful for and why. I'll start. I am grateful for having access to three meals a day, I...
  2. D

    CBT or Ballbusting YCH or art

    I'm looking for an artist who is doing a CBT or Ballbusting YCH/situation if no one is doing a YCH then I'm opening this up to a commission if anyone is interested. I have a character that I'm experimenting with and I'm open to see what there is out there
  3. Bruhman33

    Looking for Gore/Vore/CBT RP

    Hi! I am looking for Gore, hard vore or genital torture roleplays! (Or all that thrown together) I am specially looking for fellow Pokemon but other species are welcome too! The RP Would be in discord. The ideas include but are not limited to Gore Pokemon battles, torture scenes or vore scenes...