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cell shaded

  1. Raydrawsx

    Critique: Needing Advice on Shading

    Hello there, I am looking for advice on how to make my shading more pleasing to the eye in terms of the colors being cohesive and the shading as realistic as a 2D drawing of a furry can be (sorry if that doesn't make any sense). Any resources for reading or videos, or more direct tips on the...
  2. doufs

    (Commission) Selling: ★Commissions open★! 25$ - 50$

    Hello! I'm open for commissions! - I will not draw NSFW - I only work with PayPal. Background will cost an additional 25$ For commissions over 50$ I will accept a 50% payment before and 50% after...
  3. XeronaArt

    Commissions Open (NSFW okay!)

    Hi! I have commissions open for fairly cheap. If you're interested please go here to send an inquiry! What you will see below are BASE prices for a SINGLE CHARACTER! Prices can increase depending on amount of detail, multiple characters, and other things. I do also add on the PayPal fee to...
  4. Lea.Tigris

    Lea Tigris Art Dump

    Been away a while so I thought I'd throw one of these together for random stuff I've doodled whilst not being active on the forums.
  5. shenkkazoo

    Shenkka's Commissions ($5-20)

    I do not take NSFW commissions! You can read my rules here! www.furaffinity.net: Commission Info -- shenkkazoo's Journal You can see my past completed commissions here! Artwork Gallery for shenkkazoo -- Fur Affinity [dot] net I'm more than happy to take on any species, though I may be...
  6. Meeptay

    Tayler's Commissions ($7-$40)

    Tayler's Commissions Hi, hello! The name's Tayler, and I'm new to commissions around here, but I'd love to draw for you! I'm currently open for USD commissions only (through paypal). Message me on here, or on any of my social media accounts! Twitter | Tumblr | Instagram Check these for the...
  7. Chelsea Carter

    Free Anthromorpic Portraits <3

    To build up my gallery, I will be offering 1o slots of free portraits. If you are interested, please comment below with the following information: Link to your FA: Reference sheet: (sfw) Personallity: (tell me about your oc!) Pose: SLOTS 1. Taken (full body) 2. Completed 3. Taken 4. Taken 5...