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  1. Tulok


    My name's Tulok! I'm a caribou-dragon hybrid but I think I look more caribou... if caribou had wings and claws I guess! I like to write but that doesn't mean I'm any good at it lol I play the piano on rainy days and go long boarding with some friends on sunny days. I'm really excited to meet...
  2. VertyWerty

    Vert's introduction to the furry fandom!

    Hello everybody! I'm new to the furry fandom. Well, not new, but I've been a furry for two years. I've always wanted to be a cervidae but I actually had no idea how my original character would've looked like though. And after two years, since January 2019, I've finally found a very cute design...
  3. coonce

    commissions + species

    neondustdaydream on DeviantArt for commissions + more information!