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  1. Faustus

    (Commission) Selling: Open for Commissions: CGI, 3D Printables and Flat Shades

    Well, Apple announced the new iMacs the other day and, wouldn't you know it, right about the same time that they stopped supporting my old 2013 iMac with their OS updates, so it looks like I need an upgrade with one of those tasty new M1 processors! So I'm offering a few commissions to help pay...
  2. T

    Hiring: Looking for artist to make a new image mostly resembling CGI (Fetish Related)

    Hello. I am looking for someone who would be able to create an image, relating to weight gain, that resembles CGI. Not so much the head of the one in the image, but rather the body, or more so the fat that would look like CGI. Particularly with taking the character below, shown in live-action...
  3. Faustus

    [WIP] Fox 3D render

    Thought I'd drop this WIP model in here to show what I've been up to for what feels like months now! It's still in a fairly early stage, but at least I put some boxers on him to protect his modesty! At the moment I'm working on rigging the skeleton so he's still in a very stiff default pose...
  4. VladTheLad

    Sketchbook: VladTheLad 3D Sketchbook >:3

    Hello! A year and a half on FA and I didn't know about this forum o_O. I'll be posting some of my art here, as well as some WIPs, I hope you like it :3 First, here's my last work :D www.furaffinity.net: Much needed quality time! by VladTheLad
  5. hara-surya

    (Commission) Selling: Emergency $20 3D Commissions

    I work as a substitute teacher and the first week after fall break "an incident was reported" that I won't get into other than to say it was Bravo Sierra, but they have to do their due diligence to investigate. Either way, I've been out of work for most of a month now and while I have roommates...
  6. Z

    Need help finding particular set of animations on FA (+18)

    Hi, I've been searching for M-rated 3D CGI animations featuring a feral horse and girly anthro lizard on FA. The lizard's tied to a four-legged piece of bondage furniture, while also wearing female lingerie. I remember seeing them a while ago, but I didn't save the files. Does anyone recognize...
  7. Pomorek

    Sketchbook: Crazy hyena's CGI & animation showcase

    For starters, my latest still image. There's quite a bit more in my gallery, but be advised that most of them are mild NSFW. And now, some animations. Roughly in better-to-worse order. I can't put Flash files here directly (and it would have been filesize overload if I could), so instead I...
  8. KawaiiPeachcup

    Detective Pikachu

    So I saw Detective Pikachu yesterday and it's all I can think about now. I can't tell you how much I loved this film. It wasn't particularly ground breaking in anyway but it felt like a love letter to fans that grew up with the series. Everything from the music, character designs, gaudy outfits...
  9. Pandox_Paradox

    Furry Short-Film Animations

    I was browsing YouTube when I came across this really cute CGI-short. It's about a married cat and dog couple who aspire to follow their dreams of opening their own bakery, but have to face challenges in order to make that dream come true. Does anyone know of any more adorable furry-related...
  10. omochalaroo

    Hello, my names omocha i make 3d cgi models

    As the title says above, i am omocha, its nice to meet you all, i hope i can make some friends on this site and such, been using it for a while, but i have never really interacted upon the forms. So i thought why not try and branch out and meet other creators in the furry community. here is a...
  11. Elf-cat

    I am greatful to be able to help others

    I am greatful to have the oportunity to help others even though most other furries wouldn't help me if my life depended on it. So I guess I have to be stronger and not be Clumzy as the popufurs are with their belongings and financial dependance on their fans. There will be a time where the...
  12. Z01Y0NYA

    Any blender 3D Artists/Genuises/Masters out there????

    So for MONTHS I have been trying to accomplish this one simple method in blender that I cant seem to solve.... Would ANYONE know how to do this? Or atleast know where the addon for this is located? And if you understand what im trying to do... would there be any alternatives??? I tried...