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  1. D

    Complete backup videos collection from deleted youtube channel stompcrushlove

    Hi I am interested in macro stomp small cars and I have know about the youtube channel that make macro stomp videos called stompcrushlove via one of the the comments on this post on furaffinity from bignightwolf, the user that is associated with the channel...
  2. Vishunei

    Reverse Search Bot Implementation

    Anyone know much about setting up bots for Telegram channels here? Just had a few questions/needed a bit of guidance with one for my channel. This is my first time with all of this, and tonight I sleep frustrated as I couldn't achieve much despite messing around with Botfather, Modr8, and so on...
  3. D

    Trying to reach out to some new people, donate a view to a small channel? :'c

    To get to the point sooner than later, I've been streaming and later on uploading videos to YouTube where I play through some varied games or just oldies from around when I grew up(Not super retro). I do it mostly for fun, and when I get the time and energy, but I have ambitions to continue to...