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character art

  1. RoughArrowArtist

    Pay What You Want Characters ($5+)

    Quality Character's And Background's For Sale! I am selling character's and background images, you can pay what you would like as long as it is over $5.00! Paypal ONLY: rougharrowartist@gmail.com ^^ To pay please pay using email above To See My Sta.sh: sta.sh: For Sale Or look below... MO-...
  2. FlamelPhoenix

    Full Body Character Commissions

    As I've recently graduated and I'm currently job hunting, I'm opening up commissions to help myself out until I can land a job. I specialize in full-body character designs of both anthros and humans, both SFW and NSFW If you are interested, Terms of Service I reserve the right to decline...
  3. the-little-animals

    ★Art Commissions ★

    Hello Everyone! First off I have to say that all the money I get with these commissions, I will use it for my pets, since I want to buy them more toys and other things. So I open commissions to collect the money I need, I would love if you guys can help me in any way. Right now Im saving for a...
  4. silkymink

    Adopt Auction- Nudibranch Mermaid

    This auction is going on here and here Starting Bid: $25 Minimum Increase: $5 Autobuy: $80 Upon winning, you will receive a high resolution PNG of the character and 10% off future commissions of the character. $100 Autobuy package- In addition to the original PNG of the character, you get a...
  5. hisseefit

    hisseefits arts are for sale! colourful sketches and painterly stlyes

    hello its me your friend hisseefit! I'm off school right now so im stepping up my commission game - i've been taking commissions regularly throughout the year anyway, but now i have the time to take on new clients. exciting! i can draw humans, furries, feral, SFW and SOME NSFW - im happy to...
  6. peachyacid

    NSFW and SFW Commissions starting at $10!

    I am open for NSFW and SFW commissions! SKETCH: Shoulder-up: $10 Half body: $15 Full body: $20 LINE ART: Shoulder-up: $15 Half body: $20 Full body: $30 LINES+FLAT COLOR: Shoulder-up: $20 Half body: $30 Full body: $35 LINES+SHADING: Shoulder-up: $30 Half body: $35 Full body: $45...
  7. Safiir Riskovat

    Traditional Fullbody, Waist-up, Chibi, and Chibi character study

    Hello Everyone~! What I will draw : Couples - M/M F/F M/F Tasteful nudes & Pin-ups Furry & Human/humanoids Original Characters Fanart Gore/Macabre What I will not draw : NSFW or revealing private areas Hate art If you want the piece delivered to you, Shipping Fee is $2; Please let me...
  8. Juukuo

    ★Art Commissions! ( chibi + pixel offers)

    ANIMATED PIXELS. Flat.... 10 USD Animated.... 15-20 USD (varies depending on complexity) REGULATIONS. ☆ I take payment through Paypal, if you’re interested in commissioning me, please contact me through Tumblr, Deviantart, or the site I have posted on. ☆ I will ONLY draw after the payment is...
  9. cutesnoot

    Three Adoptables for Sale, $35 each! ♡ Each comes with reference sheet, one comes with extra art!

    Originally posted these on my twitter (@cutesnoot) but unfortunately I dont think a lot of my followers are furries or interested in anthro art ^^' & ive been meaning to make an account here for a while anyway so.. hey there! expect more art from me here in the near future ♡ First up, Aquarium...
  10. Okye

    Looking for help

    Ive been struggling to draw the legs of my fursona's character. Looking for help could someone draw bat/dragon legs for me, to use as a reference/base? I've gotten this far: buttermilkdragon.deviantart.com: Okye WIP I'm grateful for anything, I've been trying to get them right for 3+ hours and...
  11. H

    [ COMMISSIONS OPEN ] - anthros,monster and more starting at 10 USD

    prices sheet Currently there are 3 available slot open - unclaimed - unclaimed - unclaimed HOW TO CLAIM A SLOT contact me via notes with what you like made and any reference images NOTE all commissions must have a reference available or you claim of a slot will be disregard...
  12. silv-aa

    Character Drawings/Illustrations - Full Colour (simple/no backgrounds) ($20-30)

    Hi, I've been drawing a lot of non-human / humanoids as of late and have been recommended to this community by an online friend. I hope you like what you see. Paypal or reach out here > silv-aa's Profile - Commiss.io more art: silv-aa.tumblr.com: Kopi - Teh Flat Colour Waist up - $20 CAD Full...
  13. ditta_ragdoll

    Request thread is being streamed! Come say hi, stay for a doodle! |closed|

    Picarto.TV - Kuritan's Channel Fair warning, I always have media player playing, and it will be a wild assortment! IF you can tolerate it, Come say hi, socialize with me, and sneak in a request!
  14. ThatSnarkyDragon

    Commissions starting at $10, quick turnaround

    Hi there! I'm offering character commissions starting at $10. Info: FA Profile: Userpage of ThatSnarkyDragon -- Fur Affinity [dot] net