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character creation

  1. NovaSwiftBrony

    Request: I'd love if you could draw my friends sona! SFW/NSFW accepted!

    So me and my friend have been crafting up a sona for him. I have been looking to get some art of them done and would love it if anyone could help put things together! I will do my best to give as much detail as I can as well as post some examples of what we are aiming for. Plus I wanna gift him...
  2. C

    Hiring: Seeking Help with Fursonas/Furry OC Designs [$5-$80]

    Greetings! So, I'm pretty new to the whole furry community. Been fascinated with this stuff for a long time, but recent events gave me lots of time and I decided to be bold and take my first steps here. Hope to meet others, make friends, have fun, roleplay and whatnot! Still learning all the...
  3. SakuraKitsune

    Request: I need help making a fursona-

    I already have the idea in mind, but I'd love to see how someone would draw her for me. Animal: Rabbit Gender:Female Appearance and colors: Pastel pink fur, mint-green nose, baby blue eyes, long and floppy ears, often wears flower crowns, loves wearing cute clothing such as sweaters or...
  4. OverFurry

    Hiring: Custom/Character Design to Description | Artist found

    Edit: Hi there all, I currently have a couple of artists already chosen out and they are each making a version of the character described, I will be moving forward with whichever is closer to my preference. If by some fluke neither is to my liking then I may come back here and try out another...
  5. AlexanderMuffin

    Main Site Multiple Accounts for Each Character

    Hi, I am kinda new to using FurAffinity. I was just wondering if it is possible to make a seperate account for each character that I have. I only have 3 so far. Thanks in advance :3
  6. Z

    Need Help Choosing A Species

    I’m rather new to the entire furry community but have been actively interested for a few years. I am currently trying to figure out a species to use that matches the personality I’m looking for. Im wanting a mentally strong female that’s rather bratty and evil. A dictator of her own region. I’d...
  7. S

    Looking for an artist to create an NSFW character reference sheet

    Hi I'm new to the site and looking to commission a character sheet based on my description of an original character. I can pay you through pay-pal but that's the only payment method I'm willing to use. I have a decent idea of what I want. Ideally the art would be in a digital format and would...
  8. S

    Looking for Artist!!!

    Hello! I'm looking for an artist to design a character for me. The main problem I seem to be having is finding an artist who takes payment methods other than paypal, such as gift cards or just other general methods. Reason behind this is paypal doesn't seem to work for me anymore. It doesn't...