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character design commissions

  1. Hampaslumpia

    (Commission) Selling: ($20+) DnD Furry Illustration Commissions! SFW and NSFW, will draw anything!

    Opening 1/4 Slots for Illustration Commissions! [PAYPAL ONLY] Scene Illustrations start at $60 +$30 per extra halfbody character + $40 per extra fullbody character Opening 2/4 Slots for Character Commissions! [PAYPAL ONLY] Scene Illustrations start at $20 +$15 per extra halfbody character +...
  2. stellatae

    Question: What would you include for a character design?

    Hello again! I'm back again but before I get into my question I wanted to say thank you to everyone who commented on my last post as well as everyone on this form. I'm on a few different art-related websites and I've come across the kindest, most understanding people here. Y'all gave some...
  3. Katy

    Commissions are open! (Furry and more, people, complex characters, NFV)

    I'm new here, so I'm looking for customers for my work. You can see all my art in my profile! This is my profile: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/-ledykatymoor-/ Commission from 40 -100$
  4. NowKith

    (Commission) Selling: ($50+) Character Design, Digital Art

    Hello, my name is Kith. I'm pretty new around here, but I'm a seasoned digital artist. I come today offering commissions. Character Illustrations, Full Body, Colored Start at $100 for one character. Each Additional Character in the same illustrations are +$50 each. 5 Slots...
  5. ShaperAmbi

    (Commission) Selling: ($15+) High Energy Artwork, Gijinka, Humanoids & More?

    Welcome! I'm going to start out my time here by keeping things simple! I might add or subtract more commission types later down the line. $15 for 1 fullbody sketch in white $45 for 1 fullbody drawing with flat colors $100 for anything complex General Rules & Terms of Service I don't draw...
  6. hazyhund

    (Commission) Selling: ($5+) CHARACTER DESIGN COMMISSIONS

    I have two character design slots open for 15 USD (I accept both PayPal and Venmo), let me know if you are interested! here's examples in my gallery of designs I've done in the past: [COMM] monster design [COMM] fursona design [COMM] little lion [COMM] manticore design new fursona !! canine...
  7. Dakinu

    Hiring: [CLOSED] $50-$100 - "Wider" Character Design Commission

    I'd like to set up a commission with someone who has experience with drawing 'bigger' dudes. Not necessarily fat or musclebound, but more meat on the bones than most of the examples on here. At any rate, if anyone is willing to work with me on designing a new character's appearance (and is ok...
  8. ZoZo

    ISO OC Fursona Ref Design

    I’m looking for someone who could design me a reference sheet of my current fursona. I want to upgrade him to a ferret/raccoon mix.
  9. E

    Hiring: NSFW Character Design/Ref Sheet $70+

    An artist has been chosen, thank you all for your offers.
  10. HarperRubenWesson

    Hiring: High Quality Digital Artist Wanted! ~250 USD Budget

    In Search Of High-Quality, Semi-Realistic Anthro Digital Artist Requirements • Plenty of Anthro Equine Experience • Telegram Max Budget ~225 to 250 USD Project Type Character Redesign Project Description: Looking for someone to do an update to the design of a zebra character. This takes...
  11. Pthumerian

    Hiring: {CLOSED} (NSFW) Artistic Freedom Character Design Commission | Male Shark | $80-120

    Hello! I’m Pthumerian and I’m looking to get a reference sheet made of a character design I have in mind! He’s a very muscular, male, anthro shark. However, I don’t have a ready-made reference sheet for him. Another challenging part of my commission is that I’m looking to give who I do...
  12. 2DFIEND

    EMERGENCY custom design commissions starting from $5 (80% off!)

    Hi, everyone! My name is Celine, and I'm currently 15 years old. I really need money ASAP, because I should be able to reach my goal ($50) before February 15th. Because of that deadline, it means that I have less than a month to collect the targeted amount of money, I have discounted the price...