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character design

  1. Lunith

    Cute Furry and Humanoid Art! (£5 - £8) £6 YCH!

    Hi there! My name is Lou! Digital artist and mostly draws humanoid stuff, but I can also draw furries! I'm currently in need of some extra moneys, so I'm opening up commission slots to draw your lovelies! I'm currently only open for flat colours or fully shaded pieces. Headshots are only...
  2. Whimsi

    Kemonomimi for Sale

    Cat darling I'm selling for 80usd, coming with 5 pieces, four of which are there! However, I am absolutely open to lower offers! Comment, note, or email me at whimsistar[at]gmail.com
  3. oprettyoppossum

    Could I get a little feedback on my fursona?

    This is my fursona Priscilla. She's my garbage trash eating baby. I'm starting a comic staring her and my bfs fursona and I was wondering if anyone has any feedback for my design for her so far.
  4. TheRealKingKoopa

    On "unique" characters (or: Interesting Fursonas/OC's Without Looking Like You're Trying Too Hard)

    I've seen a few people, on a few different websites, say that they're worried their fursona isn't unique or distinctive or interesting enough. Invariably the responses are "don't pile on details, that's how sparkledogs happen, focus on personality" – but I want to give a slightly more in-depth...
  5. Five

    Character sale/auction

    Selling some characters all of them start at $10 either reply here or in the sta.sh sta.sh: Sale
  6. Caryatid

    Caryatid's Commissions: Characters/Costumes/Environments/Backgrounds

    Hi everybody! I'm Caryatid, and I'm an illustrator and (outside of furry stuff) comic artist. You can check out my work at my Furaffinity, or my art thread here on these forums! I specialize mostly in drawing avians and some felines, although I am open to drawing other animal and character...
  7. funeralz


    S L O T S 1} 2} 3} 4} 5} Hello!! My name is Vinny, and I'd be honored to work for you ! I specialize in toony + cute art ! Before progressing further, I ask that you read my TOS, which has all the information you'd need to know before commissioning me! Want to tip, donate, etc? Here's a...
  8. kaewaii

    Character Design Suggestions?

    I'm working on a cast of characters for a comic I plan to start soon. I want the designs to be solid before I start, so I'd love to get feedback on them as I work on them. I'm updating from pre-existing designs. Mostly I want to be able to make all my characters have differing faces even if...
  9. Vixx

    WTB Line/Base ref sheet (Please Read, Please Help!)

    I'm looking for someone to put together a line ref (fem-boy ram)for me- front, back, (NSFW bits[can be separate file]), etc ~ I will then print out/color/add accessories/make detail additions (basically build this character off of your line art). I would like to then send your colored lines...
  10. Ama L. Thea

    LF some artists for artistic freedom character designs! (up to $30 per)

    Hello all my artist cuties! I have a few character concepts bouncing around in my head that are a little too specific for adoptables, so I'm looking for artists to design them for me. I'll probably hire a few artists for this one -- please feel free to spam the thread. These are SFW artistic...
  11. T0x

    Sonic and Furry Flash Sale!

    Hello all! I will be taking Sonic OC/canon and Furry commissions starting at the low low price of $5! $5 gets you a lined sketch, which is half of what I originally charge. $10 gets that lineart colored with flats, and $15 gets it shaded, and all purdy-like. An additional character (only 1 at...
  12. XxFenrierxX


    So you need an illustration or a character design, maybe an avatar, or logo? I offer you my services. If you're interested please Mail me at : fenrierarts@gmail.com I just check the forums once or twice per week so please mail me instead of PM me is much faster You can see samples of my work...
  13. Chandraken

    Coffee Date YCH and Striped kitty adopt available!

    Hey everyone! I am hosting a collaboration YCH with cinamoncune for your character in a fully shaded and detailed autumnal scene <3 You choose the character and the clothes, and we do the rest! The auction is due to end tomorrow, so check it out here if you would like to place a bid...
  14. drawain

    AUCTION // North-Dunnardra: Icedragon

    Hey, I am holding an auction over at FA. °v° Maybe you are interested: www.furaffinity.net: [OPEN] AUCTION // CLOSED SPECIES: Dunnardra 01 by Drawain
  15. Nimphradora

    Quality SFW digital art ($25-$100+)

    Hello! I'm a freelance artist and I'm here to offer you my skills. I'm open for both private commissions and bigger projects, but please, keep it sfw. You can see all of my work here : Furaffinity Deviantart Contact me via note on FA and DA or on email baric.valentina@hotmail.com And here...
  16. Cobalteus

    Color Schemes

    Ok so the fursona I use now was just a temporary one just until I could think of a better one and I have thought of what species I wanted and designs I'd like to have on it, but I am still looking for a good color scheme. I have a few in mind but I'm not 100% sold on them and I want my new...
  17. crystaljens

    Open Commissions starting at $10

    Hi everyone! I'm heading to CTN for a school trip in a few months and I'm opening up commissions super cheap to help get some cash! I'm a senior in art college going into animation with a focus in character design and storyboarding with a strong personal drive for illustration so I'm more than...
  18. ColdSoul


    Hi people!! I am opne for commissions, I will do anything/try anything, even sexy commissions. Better with animals then I am with people but I will try my very best!!!You can contact me here, but best to do it though my account -https://www.furaffinity.net/user/coldsoul/ I can do...
  19. TaksArt

    2 Original Canines for Sale- No Bases used

    CHARACTER RULES Resale/Trade is allowed, (would just like to be told who new owner is) Breeding is allowed Revamping is allowed, but I must ALWAYS be credited on the new reference Such Fluff- $15 Poof- The Pixie Sharpei- $15 Payment is via Paypal
  20. Quills

    How to make a fursona?

    Hey mates, name's Quill. Since I decided to get more involved in the online furry community, I've been thinking a lot about how my fursona should look. I suppose the title of this forum post speaks for itself. I've got a few different ideas, but I'm not sure where to start in terms of making a...