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character development

  1. Lobie5

    Do you talk while in fursuit? Why or why not?

    Sorry if this question's been asked a lot. I'm new . ^^; Anyways, I was planning on being a silent character once I get my own suit, but I wonder if it'll be too hard. My character doesn't have any fingers, so that'll be a huge handicap in regards to gestures and body language. :confused...
  2. Symon-Slavyre

    Development Role-play (Symon Slavyre)

    I was wondering if anyone would aid me in making my fursona a better character, we could roleplay, and I could take criticisms. A bit about him Name: Symon Slavyre Age: 26 Gender: Male (but accepts female pronouns) Sexuality: pansexual (closested) Occupation: High school teacher Likes: music...
  3. Cres Moon

    Looking for long term rp over Discord

    Hey, I'm looking for an rp partner, or rp partners who would like to work on a character development focused rp. I also host group rps in a range of different settings for anyone who'd like to participate in one of them. I am looking for people with some rp and writing experience.
  4. RoseyTheCuteDragon

    Maybe looking for someone to rp as my sona's mate

    So I designed a lesbian mate for my sona but I'd love to be able to rp the two together. I've also semi designed the world they live in and have some ideas for some starters. If you're interested in the character below here's some prerequisites before you apply for the spot. You must be over...
  5. Grimm Hund

    I Confused Myself...?

    Here's the short story: I'm attempting to do something to show how far I've progressed with my writing, a sort of before-and-after test. The challenge I set for myself is to take a scene from an earlier piece of work and elaborate further on the relationship between two minor characters. They...