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character profile

  1. Vixx

    WTB Line/Base ref sheet (Please Read, Please Help!)

    I'm looking for someone to put together a line ref (fem-boy ram)for me- front, back, (NSFW bits[can be separate file]), etc ~ I will then print out/color/add accessories/make detail additions (basically build this character off of your line art). I would like to then send your colored lines...
  2. NorthernStorm

    I need help making my character a character

    Ok hopefully made this thread correctly, but I'm not entirely sure. Anyway if I did then if you haven't already guessed I need a bit of help trying to make my character an actual character and not something an edgy 14 year old would think of one day. I already have art made of him, it's just the...
  3. J

    Stats for combat-oriented characters

    You need a detailed and descriptive profile for your main character's combat skills, but you don't know where to begin ? I'm here to help you with that :) check this out. If you're not sure how to build up your OCs' prowess, I hope this can help ya. There's nothing about magics here, I'm...
  4. crystallinecanine

    Meet Mr. Sawyer!

    This precious little bean's name is Georgie Sawyer! He's a Calico Cat, he works as a librarian, and is almost always depressed. He constantly needs hugs and reassurance from his friends... When it's rainy outside, he likes to sit on a windowsill and just think over a warm mug of milky tea...
  5. andythecoyote

    Andy fursona profile

    Name: Andy Age: 22 Gender: Male Species: Eastern Coyote Height: 5’11’’ Weight: 180 lbs Appearance: - Hair and fur:orangey brown and grey and white. - Markings: grey head, white chin/muzzle. Bodily fur and ears are orangey brown/mixed fur - Eye color: yellow - Other features: anthro...