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character reference

  1. NovaSwiftBrony

    Request: Looking for someone to do a character ref sheet free.

    I know it's a bit of a longshot to get a character reference for free made by someone but if anyone out there can I would appreciate it. I hope there is one generous soul who would do this.
  2. Levi_KAZ

    (Commission) Selling: Ref Sheet Commissions [€70] SFW/NSFW

    I am currently OPEN for three commission slots! :) The base price is €70 for feral and €80 for anthro, for which you get two fullbody images of your character (back and front OR both sides) and a headshot. Color palette and info are ALWAYS included IF person so desired! They are of no cost...
  3. bwapple

    Bwapple's Art Dump

    Hey, guys!! Just remade my FA after like a year of going dormant, and I'm trying to get more watchers and start being more active in the community! I was told that the forums are a good place to try and reach out to interested parties, so I figured I'd give it a shot! Here's just a few pieces...
  4. HopeTLioness

    Character Ref Sheet (Need Help, PLZ!)

    Hello, my talented artists out there. I need your help. I am trying to learn how to create my own blank reference sheet for my OCs/FCs. I tried looking up any kind of tutorials on FurAffinity, DeviantART, and even YouTube. But alas, I have found nothing. If you do not know what I'm talking...
  5. zenmaldita

    Not the Words of One who Kneels

    Original Painting without Sepia Tone last updated: June 16 2018 .GENERAL INFO. Name: Malik Volpe Age: Mid-20s | Sex: Male | Nationality: Italian | Species: Red Fox/Arctic Fox mix Height: 5'8" | Weight: 150-ish pounds more or less Birthdate: September 1 | Star sign: Virgo Profession: Current Don...