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characters for adoption

  1. RUMM

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Adoptables and Base Packs [Draggryphon Auction]

    https://twitter.com/rummbrandt Follow me for adopt WIPs and polls~ Available Auctions: Tropical Draggryphon Auction FA Auction Link: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/43241269/ Main auction in that link, but you can send me bids here too Flatsales: I have a wide variety of characters for...
  2. magetea

    Characters and Designs for sale

    so as fate would have it, my tablet quit on me and I need to replace it- so I'm selling some character designs and some OCs that I’ve made/neglected for a while. I'm looking at three different ones right now, I'd like to at least get the 24.00 one So I can use commissions to save up for one of...
  3. E


    During my time here I've amassed a fair bit of art. Most free, some paid for. But I find that I hardly ever use the characters. They're just sitting around doing nothing. So I thought I'd finally let go of my silly hoarding habits and offer them up to good homes. Each character comes with...