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  1. TyraWadman

    Memorable Quest/Sidequest/Character(s)?

    [Disclaimer: I know this is the Writing subforum, I just figured since it's about collecting research and not just your average game discussion, I'd throw it in here. Staff can move it if they feel it does not belong though, that I don't mind!] As the title suggests, what was your favorite...
  2. Bluefiremark II

    Open for some roleplays

    Hey all, I'm finally in a comfortable position in life to decide that I'd be willing to do some roleplaying again, be it adventurous, slice of life, or kinky- my main interest in that being macro, growth paw, no size limits, bigger the better.. Feel free to note me here, On FA or add me on...
  3. Nexus Cabler

    "Gender bending"

    I play video games now and then, and have fallen in love with a lot of characters, one in particular I felt really into was Athena from the Borderlands games. She is essentially a gladiator class melee fighter with a cybernetic sword and shield, and capable of lighting and fire powers. So...
  4. concubus

    (Commission) Selling: ❤️ emergency commissions!! nsfw + sfw (10$++)

    hey! i REALLY need money right now, i just moved into a new apartment with my mom and we have limited wifi, basically no food and no furniture at all. she gets paid biweekly so it’ll be another week before we can even get real food. i haven’t had a proper meal in days, haven’t eaten at ALL today...
  5. RangerReb

    Anyone want to do an art trade?

    Hello my furry fellows! I have a lot of spare time on my hands, and I'd like to draw other people's art and get some art of my own characters. Give some and get some, y'know? I'm currently offering digital shaded drawings with a simple background. I might be able to do full body, but I mostly...
  6. Bluefiremark II

    LF: sfw RP, details in thread.

    Hello all~ I've gotten a tad bored lately and have decided i want to do a roleplay! "But what type?" you might be asking. Great question, well I've got a few things.. a sci fi setting for one, fantasy, perhaps more modern. I have tons of characters of different era's so it works out for me, so...
  7. Bluefiremark II

    Hiring: Hiring to draw artless characters, 10-50$

    Hey all! Looking to get some new characters drawn up, so there's gonna be a few rules here.. -first off, you need to be willing to work with me, meaning make needed changes, potentially a draft, etc. -secondly, no pre existing refs will be used. If you're not comfortable doing anything without a...
  8. Bluefiremark II

    Ask about characters!

    Hey all! I'm feelin like sharing some of the stories and characters i have, so i decided to make this. Basically, you can ask anything you want about any character. Whether its something like: do they like traveling Or, what is their backstory? Now, i don't have all characters shown here so you...
  9. Bluefiremark II

    Request: need characrers to draw?

    Just gonna put this out there as an option for people, I've got a ton of possibilities to do! I have a lot of characters and some of them have art, majority do not. I'd love more art for both ones that do and do not have any so far. I have information ready for every character so far, so if...
  10. CheesyLemurs

    Favorite Animal Crossing Characters?

    I know there has to be some furries out there with a love for Animal Crossing :D Who are some of your favorite animal villagers or NPCs? Mine are Julian, Drago, Tammi, Jacques, Frita, Marshall, and Zucker :)
  11. A

    Main Site Weird Letters appearing for no reason?

    Sometimes when I see people posting on forums,I see these weird characters that look like this: #%^Da (Not exactly,I can't really type them) I'm on a tablet,and I don't know what's causing it. Has anyone else experienced this?
  12. Dreammaker33

    Sketchbook: Artwork of my cow characters and other stuff

    Here's my artwork from my project of making cow characters, there may also be some other stuff to look at here too. Thanks for looking.
  13. Byzance123 Rauss Khan

    Request critic

    Hello I would like to get developped comments about these draw, most about theird design and character design (also lore), you can also say if this is isn't so near to Kung fu panda or other lores, I am afraid for this because I will use it for my next scenarios: www.furaffinity.net...
  14. kekreationsart

    (Commission) Selling: Feral and humanoid characters! $10-75

    Commissions open for feral and human/humanoid characters! :) $10 for a sketch $30 for linework $50 for color $60-75 for shading, depending on style and detail Examples below Fully illustrated background and character scenes also available, starting at $150 Here's some more important info: -...
  15. Zombiy

    (Commission) Selling: Summer Specials! $7-$65

    Hey friends! The hot summer sun is bringing in some HOT NEW OPTIONS in my commission menu! I've got a limit of 5 spots left! My social links: DeviantArt - ArtofZombiy | DeviantArt Tumblr - zombiy.tumblr.com: a paint in the ass. Twitter - Zombiy (@zzzombiy) on Twitter FurAffinity - Userpage of...
  16. AkitaKitens

    (Base/YCH) Selling: First Auction! $40+ to $220 usd, 2 slots {NSFW}

    www.furaffinity.net: 2 character ych AUCTION by AkitaKittens I'm trying my hand at YCH and auctioning! info in the image info and here: Pink character A OR blue character B: Starting bid: $40 usd Minimum increment:$5 ONE CHARACTER AUTOBUY: $100 BOTH CHARACTERS AUTOBUY: $220 18+ characters...
  17. skeletonizedskull

    Which character is the most appealing/interesting?

    So I drew up some characters for a thing I'm doing, and I'd like to ask you what the title of this thread asks of you: "Which one appeals to you the most?"
  18. Aqua-Spirit22

    (Commission) Selling: Ref sheets - different styles - $30-$60 range

    Hello ! I'm getting used lately to do some ref sheets and I'd like to offer this service :) My basic ref sheets include -Front and back view OR two sides profile of the character -Basic info such as name, sex/gender/pronouns and age for sample -Small pattern/abstract background -Optionally you...
  19. Catrin Shrady

    (Commission) Selling: Digital Commissions Open! (Starting at $5) Characters, Reference Sheets, and Illustrations!

    Hello! I am offering character commissions and reference sheets as well! Comment or PM me if you're interested. My FA account can be found here: Userpage of Walks_in_shadows -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
  20. Aya Elina

    (Commission) Selling: Character/OC Commissions - $10-$65, sketch, lineart, full render, just ask!

    Hi all! I'm new to this website but I have a passion for drawing and checking out other people's characters! I can make you a character based off of your description, images, or draw pre-existing ones! I'll link my gallery once I get more commissions :) *If you have any questions about prices...