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  1. AkitaKitens

    (Base/YCH) Selling: First Auction! $40+ to $220 usd, 2 slots {NSFW}

    www.furaffinity.net: 2 character ych AUCTION by AkitaKittens I'm trying my hand at YCH and auctioning! info in the image info and here: Pink character A OR blue character B: Starting bid: $40 usd Minimum increment:$5 ONE CHARACTER AUTOBUY: $100 BOTH CHARACTERS AUTOBUY: $220 18+ characters...
  2. skeletonizedskull

    Which character is the most appealing/interesting?

    So I drew up some characters for a thing I'm doing, and I'd like to ask you what the title of this thread asks of you: "Which one appeals to you the most?"
  3. Aqua-Spirit22

    (Commission) Selling: Ref sheets - different styles - $30-$60 range

    Hello ! I'm getting used lately to do some ref sheets and I'd like to offer this service :) My basic ref sheets include -Front and back view OR two sides profile of the character -Basic info such as name, sex/gender/pronouns and age for sample -Small pattern/abstract background -Optionally you...
  4. Catrin Shrady

    (Commission) Selling: Digital Commissions Open! (Starting at $5) Characters, Reference Sheets, and Illustrations!

    Hello! I am offering character commissions and reference sheets as well! Comment or PM me if you're interested. My FA account can be found here: Userpage of Walks_in_shadows -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
  5. Aya Elina

    (Commission) Selling: Character/OC Commissions - $10-$65, sketch, lineart, full render, just ask!

    Hi all! I'm new to this website but I have a passion for drawing and checking out other people's characters! I can make you a character based off of your description, images, or draw pre-existing ones! I'll link my gallery once I get more commissions :) *If you have any questions about prices...
  6. S

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Characters Sale ~

    Well I've gotten my hands busy with a personal project and dont have the time to continue with the plans I had for my characters so I decided to sell them - You can find all the characters here: Snugglez on Toyhouse Prices go as followed: Hybrid- 5$ Custom - 6$ Sea minn - 13$ Fox spirit - 15$...
  7. julievee

    Request: Offerings for Artist Inspiration

    I have a plethora of characters up for being drawn. I love to help artists find inspiration as well as helping to advertise my favorites. And of course I love getting new arts for my brain children. Seeing them in all different styles. Since I can not always afford to commission art because of...
  8. RomieTears

    Headshot Trades [CLOSED]

    Please read any edits or updates at the end of this message! Hey there! I have recently joined FA and the FA forums, and am looking to expand my gallery for the sake of commission examples! What I want to give out are headshots (I named them icons on FA because they're 1000x1000 pixels in...
  9. Moonlit_Legacy


    www.furaffinity.net: FREE ISERAFI MYO EVENT OPEN by Moonlit_Afterdark If anyone was interested in some fluffy new characters for the holidays!
  10. Mimble

    Show me your hedgehog characters!

    I recently made a hedgehog character, and I had such a hard time finding others that weren't just sonic oc's. Please show me if you have any! (NO sonic oc's, thank you!)
  11. The Matte-Black Cat

    Favorite video game characters

    Post some facts, info, etc on your fav video game characters..Or just post why ya like em.. ...Or just state who they are.. Mine are - Marth, Aka The Hero-King Aka Marthy Aka Mars (from the anime - even though it was awful) Aka The greatest character in Smash Bros History Gladiolus...
  12. w0rks

    Tiles of Furness - Game_preview

    Hi there, I'm working on an adult furry / yiff game "Tiles of Furness" I've started since the beginning of this year. I want to show you a part of the game. estimated 70% Characters / Maps and the whole game will evolve in the future ! !
  13. MaverickHunterDBoy

    [Adoptables] Prismafurry Cuties--Come Get One!

    So not too long ago, I tried my hand at making some adopts using friends' bases (they allow it, provided I give them credit for making the bases). So, I have (as of this post) made some Prismabunnies and Multicolored Mustilidaes (read: colored skunks). Both cases, each character can be bought...
  14. Desire

    HQ Characters For Sale! (Discounted)

    Hi everyone, I've come across an urgent financial situation so I'm reselling most of my ocs. I'm open to trades but very picky so the chances are very slim. Please drop by and check them out here on my toyhou.se account: Desire on Toyhouse Please take into account that most of them are already...
  15. SaltDrink

    Taking trade offers on all characters

    Taking offers on all characters! Obviously, Some are very tentative, but the only characters off limits for offers are those in the "hold" folder! Here are my characters! Not interested in art, unless its high quality. I will look at all kinds of characters, human/oid, furry, feral, monster...
  16. Quanlain

    Commission sale (50% off)

    Commission Sale Until 15-th of September Hello, i'm a fellow digital artist. Came from DA and drawing everything from sketches and doodles to fully coloured artworks with hard backgrounds. Where you can find me: DeviantArt - Feel free to Note me here Furaffinity Here's a small info and...
  17. peachesnscreams

    Unique and interesting characters for sale~

    Hello! Alrighty so there's these dudes in here: rottenpeaches on Toyhouse , as well as two stash folders: sta.sh: Secondary and sta.sh: 3rd . and MAYBE those in my unsorted folder on TH. I'm kinda garbage at pricing, so if you could make an offer that would be cool^^ if you don't have a clue...
  18. CatSprinkles

    PWYW colored sketches!

    Cheap n' quick sketch commissions! I'm in the mood to do some quick sketches, so I'm doing some sketch commissions! I'm doing fullbody, coloured sketches! Pay what you want in USD! <3 Examples Ruuules - Accepting USD only - I can do as many as you want, but please pay seperately for each! -...
  19. G

    AMA: Fursona edition!

    So everyone has an AMA for themselves, but what about their fursonas?! In this thread, you ask a question and the person below you will respond to your question. The only twist- you must answer as your fursona would! Try to stay in character, and have fun! Can you fly?
  20. Guifrog

    The Piñata Game (guess username characters number below)

    We're playing at a party and there's a piñata. You have to guess the number of characters from the forum account name chosen by the user below you (the username. Includes underline, numbers etc). You may not reply twice in a row/to your own post. Whoever gets it right, it means the piñata has...