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  1. Ciderfine

    Just why

    Something that always targets this announce nerve of mine is when someone gets artwork of their character with cybernetic limbs and I just have to ask WHY. Their not adam jensen, this isnt Black ops 3, sure its your character but fucking why ahahaha. We don't have real replacements for that...
  2. Ciderfine

    Inspired imposters

    Not what your thinking but here's my catch. Have any of you ran into someone who you thought was someone else, say a noticeable artist with a character or a style, but turns out they where someone who had heavily based their character off someone else and while not being the person you thought...
  3. Lightrail

    Open for Character Commissions & More!

    Hello everyone, I'm always open for character commissions and/or illustrative work. Check out my rates below! My style's pretty expansive, if you don't know if I can draw it or not, just ask. More information/examples can be viewed on my art blog.
  4. anonbunny

    Closed Species Characters for Sale

    Hello there and thank you for stopping in! I'm Bunny, and I wanted to share with you all a Closed Species that my friend has been developing. Currently our main hub is located on DeviantArt. Here is our group! Gremlin Dragons are an adventure loving species. They have their own world, and...
  5. GumiTheCarrot


    My main account on FA has reached 3k+ views, so I've decided to say "thank you" by raffling off some adopts ;3 Go here to enter: www.furaffinity.net: [OPEN]3000+ Page Views Raffle[OPEN] by CarrotPatchRaffles www.furaffinity.net: [OPEN]3000+ Page Views Raffle[OPEN] by CarrotPatchRaffles...
  6. Inkblooded

    Characters for Trade or Offer

    NOTE TO MODERATOR: I have put this thread in Exchanges and Trades as these characters are being traded as well as sold, and they will likely not be sold for more than $5. By the Art Sales and Auctions rules, transactions need to be at least $5 USD of worth and you can't sell or trade for...
  7. Bluekittie

    share your characters?

    Hi new here on fa... so thought maybe if anyone feels like it can post there characters here. Dont get mad tho if i dont do yours tho... but would like to draw few to get my uploads started. I do have a Deviantart too so may share on there as well if ya dont mind that.
  8. S

    Adopts (Draco-Sharks, Cobra-Girls & Chemikins)

    Draco-Sharks: Draco-Sharks have been reduced from 15$ to 10$, there are 9 of them left, and I do take custom color orders on them. Chemikins: The closed species owned and created by STI and myself, are still available for 25$, custom color palletes of course. Comes unshaded with a color...
  9. Ravofox

    what animated character does the user above you remind you of?

    I have a feeling a few furs might take an interest in this. Rules are simple, post an animated character or characters that the user above you reminds you of, whether it's based on appearance, personality, or both. It doesn't necessarily have to be the same species as their fursona, but it...
  10. VenomousInk

    -CLOSED- Looking for Ref Sheets and Other art

    I dunno what it is, but when I get interested in something, I'd like to see it in art form. That weird? I dunno. Any-who, this time, I'm looking for 2 Reference sheets, as well as another 2 pieces of artwork. (Does not have to be done by the same person, that'd be insane) *EDIT (Because What I...
  11. B

    I wanna draw your cuties! C:ミ

    Oh hi there! Thanks for reading! ^_^ I'll keep it simple I am new to the scene and would love to work with you! I've been a professional artist since 2010 and have served many (mostly corporate and nonprofit) different clients but have to admit that working with y'all lovelies (for less than...
  12. Saltamor

    Open commission characters ($ 15-20)

    Hello :) I'm open to your commissions! I can draw all that you ask, of course, I will discuss every commission with you personally in the PM. Check out my work and conditions: docs.google.com: Terms of commission ➡️Full body (digital or traditional) - 20$;) - 20 $; ➡️Headshot (digital) -...
  13. TheCreator2017

    English Major Trying to Return to University

    Hello all. The Creator here. I'm trying to get back into college and need a little extra money now that it's become WAAAY more tight than i would like it to. So i decided that I'd take up writing commissions for those of you with characters or ideas you'd like to see on paper. If you'd like to...
  14. sharprealmcomics

    My characters are the only reason im alive today.

    This Gothic witch necromancer vampire warlock squirrel may seem like just seem like random art on FA but to me i owe my entire life to him and to me hes a god. In high school i was a very different and very ill person i had just moved to a new city and school and left behind me only friends to...
  15. E

    Caity's Art Shop

    I decided to re-open commissions so I can save up some money for Christmas this year, and other much-needed expenses (student loan, car repairs, etc). What I Offer: 1. Head Shot - 15$/ea EXAMPLE: 2. Full Body - 25$/ea EXAMPLE: What I Will Draw: 1. Animals 2. Mythical Creatures 3...
  16. ThatSnarkyDragon

    Commissions starting at $10, quick turnaround

    Hi there! I'm offering character commissions starting at $10. Info: FA Profile: Userpage of ThatSnarkyDragon -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
  17. Snoozysnore

    Character Trades

    Hi! Looking to see if anyone's interested in any of my OCs Mainly looking for characters, but will also accept USD or art offers on characters in my others album only Mains Others Please be aware I cannot trade or sell Moonshine Thank you!
  18. Cobaltbluewolf

    Drawing requests

    Hey everyone, to tune up my drawing skills and to start up on this website, im looking for requests to do so that i can work to improve. I will draw anything requested, given that a reference of the characters is given
  19. T

    Selling Characters

    hello ;v; ! I'm looking to get rid of quite a few characters for usd. I will also take currency from other websites, and if you're interested feel free to message me so I can tell you which! ;o; <3 There are more characters for sale under this main post! another art piece sta.sh: mottle $5...
  20. S

    Trying to get rid of some characters T/S

    I haven't had any luck getting rid of these characters and I've fallen out of love or impulse bought them. I hope someone would like to buy/trade with me. Thank you so much ;u; SweetPeaArtist on Toyhouse