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  1. Morrya


    www.furaffinity.net: Open ADOPTABLES-set price( Extra art ) by Morrya www.furaffinity.net: Open adoptables(Urgent!) by Morrya www.furaffinity.net: Open ADOPTABLES-set price( Extra art ) by Morrya humans ,anthro and feral!
  2. D

    Looking for Request Takers

    I'm looking for anyone who is taking Requests. Whether it's an art-related or story-related, I must make sure he/she takes "FREE" requests. I might ask the following questions: 1.) What are your favorite Series/Characters from Said Cartoon/Video Game/Anime? 2.) (Optional) What art software...
  3. gummi-pear

    Cheap Characters! [$1-$35]

    PRICES: $10 - toyhou.se/344084.ama $2 - toyhou.se/229806.brayden $4 - toyhou.se/435303.kuma $20 - toyhou.se/194790.rain $17 - toyhou.se/503647.rebecca $10 - toyhou.se/459772.rhu - soulfox closed species $35 - toyhou.se/193904.wren (very tentitiave) $1 - toyhou.se/210123.- $1 -...
  4. Impulse-8

    A video game that is like MGS in a Fantasy setting?

    Does anyone know of a video game franchise I could get into that has gameplay, and perhaps also story, like the traditional Metal Gear Solid games (Not the "Acid" spin-offs), but in a Fantasy setting? And, I dunno, I guess Anthro characters in it, too?
  5. Jax Cottontail

    The Art of Jax

    Just thought I would share some of my most recent work with you. Enjoy!
  6. Jax Cottontail

    Jax Designs Commissions SFW and NSFW

    Thank you for visiting my thread. My name is Jax and I am an illustrator. I am selling prints and commissions both SFW and NSFW. Below are some examples of my work: My prices are as follows: Character Illustration Packages ~Sketch / line art: $30 per character~ Sapphire 1 Full color...
  7. 1992Bronco

    $8 Characters!

    I have permission to everything listed, including their art My girlfriend and I are getting a puppy and we want to get her a few toys! Both are $8 Knox: (c) Collide Comes with a headshot and pose both (c)Collide permission granted for everything Meph: art (c) juicebox received from Deku...
  8. TuchimuchiYoshi


    Follow the Link for more Info and leave your comments there: --https://www.furaffinity.net/view/20565410/ HEY ALL OF YOU BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE OUT THERE!! I've got a YCH Contest Special for you!! You lucky guys and gals have the chance to have your character fill the silhouette in one of these...
  9. Mnyama

    ICON SALES (5$ single character, 8$ double)

    Icon Sales I'm selling icons, just to test the waters a little bit to see if anyone here likes my style. I have 5 slots open right now. Accepting sfw/nsfw, human, monster, animal, feral, or anthro. Basically anything. Paypal only. Contact me via my FA account. Userpage of mnyama -- Fur Affinity...
  10. Closer-To-The-Sun

    Looking for artist(s) to draw characters

    Hello all. I'm seeking someone to draw my five main characters for a story I'm working on. Since my artistic talent is almost non-existent (there is some, but not what I want for this), I'm seeking out and hoping someone would be interested in taking part. It can just be simple sketches, or...
  11. TastyTriss

    Selling some characters!

    I've been struggling for a while to really connect with any new or old OC's of mine. This and the fact that I could really use the money brought up the idea of selling off my characters to start with a clean slate! So yeah. I have multiple characters for sale, ranging from kemono types to...
  12. cyanpup

    Adoptables for sale! Character designs + Wearable Felted Brooches!

    Me and my partner collaborated on some character designs and felted brooches and now they are here to be adopted by you! When you adopt these fellows you get not only a new character but a brooch that you can pin to your stuff and wear. they drew the character designs and I felted the...
  13. Caraid

    CMYK-themed characters!

    I had a lot of fun designing these, here's hoping they'll go to good new owners! ;) The auction: www.furaffinity.net: CMYK Character Auction OPEN by Caraid