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  1. R


    Jacksepticeye is having a big fundraiser donating to World Central Kitchen! I really really wish I could donate to it, but I have no bank account, credit card, paypal or basically anything at all to do it with... So I'm spreading the word to the FA Forums!! Donate here!!! It's happening on...
  2. Trevorbluesquirrel


    Here's the pitch: ''Buy 992 items for $10 Regularly ~$6,553 Save 99%!'' That's right, you can get almost 1000 games and programs, at as little as a penny each! And the money goes to help the victims of The War in Ukraine! It's a win - win! Only until next week though! Currently, they're just...
  3. zenmaldita

    (Commission) Selling: ($25+) Charity Fullbody Sketches

    $25 full body sketch comment here or on FA to claim a slot. | accepting claims until Oct 22, 2021 YES. You can choose to have your characters in funny scenes like the samples Your commission can be a completely unrelated topic or theme Any species. Any gender. Any body type; I draw from...
  4. Lioedevon427

    Cheap Charity Adopts! ($12 Canines)

    If you want one of these two, all you have to do is DM me to make sure they are still available, then send me a screenshot of your donation to Doctors Without Borders, and I will send you a version of the character with no watermark! From them on, the character is yours, and so on. If you resell...
  5. RollerRobert

    (Commission) Selling: ($5+) Animal Charity PWYW Commissions - you show me donation receipts, I draw!

    Hello everyone! I'm raising money and awareness for the Starlight Trust, a small UK charity which rescues and rehabilitates small wildlife, mainly pigeons and rodents. I am not officially affiliated. You will donate directly to the charity, or buy from their Amazon wishlist, provide me with...
  6. Hikarty

    (Commission) Selling: Food charity commissions sale! (5-50 euro)

    For context: Spain is really messed up by covid (like many other countries) and our politicians seem to be rather useless - more and more people keep losing their jobs because we've been in lockdown for months since March and we are close to it again. The number of people depending on food...
  7. Olivitree

    (Commission) Selling: Giant charity canvas commission auction! SB was £70

    I'm holding an auction for a GIANT canvas commission, mixed media. 100% of the proceeds will be going to the Secret World Wildlife Rescue Donate - Secret World Wildlife Rescue Which is the chosen charity of Confuzzled 2020 (virtual edition). The canvas is 1 by 1.5 metres. I specialise in...
  8. mithandir91

    Free Art: 'Furcharity' My Pro-LGBTQ+ Project

    Hello folks Since i'm new, i'll be doing Free art here as a form of improving my skills and getting my name a little more renowm. But since i wanna do something more engaged and relavant i've thinking on doing a special project here: I'll do Optical Colloring fursonas for free for LGBTQ+ people...
  9. Trevorbluesquirrel

    Pocari Roo Saves the Kitties Fundraiser!

    Pocari Roo has an Indiegogo charity campaign to support Flatbush Cats, an NYC cat rescue! ( Indiegogo link is below video on Youtube! ) You can get great rewards by donating, like T Shirts, posters, pins, and a custom plush of Pocari Roo! Also, more donations mean more bonus items...
  10. Trevorbluesquirrel

    Charity Calendars, T Shirts - Only 40 hours left!

    Majira Strawberry, and about 20 other fursuiters, have an Indiegogo charity campaign to support Last Chance Corral, and their efforts to rescue horses and foals! They are offering fursuit photo calendars and T shirts, but only until June 8! They're at 97% of their goal, with less than 2 days...
  11. I

    Help Sirocco

    My friend Sirocco is critically endangered and I am starting a fundraiser to help his species recover. He lives in one of New Zealands wildlife sanctuaries and they are in constant need of support for food, supplies, and medicine. For every like this post gets, I will be donating $1 to the...
  12. Misha Bordiga Zahradník

    Charity Livestream of Epic proportions.

    There is a charity live-stream for Mermaids going hosted by Hbomberguy, that has had both Jim Sterling and CHELSEA FUCKING MANNING in the steam at the same time! I can die happy now! You have to see this.
  13. I

    Thank You SmolSammichOwO <3

    I want to extend a thank you to the nicest and kind hearted artist I have ever seen on these forums. Her name is @SmolSammichOwO She came to these forums a while back and offered free art to all who asked her. Her style is cute and one of a kind and she has given me far more art then I...
  14. Jojer

    Tampa Bay KittyCon 2018

    So, yeah. This isn’t a legit furry con but I’d love to see furries invade and take over in suits. :p If you’re interested in checking it out, here’s the site: KittyCon Tampa Bay 2018/Cat Convention/Cat Rescue It supports animal adoption at least!
  15. peachbreezy

    ₊✩₊Vector-Style Commissions OPEN <3₊✩₊

    ₊✩₊˚Peach✩Breezy˚₊✩₊ COMMISSIONS OPEN Hi!! I'm Peach! She/Her Pronouns!! I'm a professional artist and animator, currently accepting a limited number of Venmo and Paypal illustration commissions! I'm opening to commissions to help pay for my mother's medical bills and medicine. It will also go...
  16. AceofHearts

    Support My Local Animal Shelter?

    Can you please vote for my local animal shelter to win funding from PetCo's charity foundation? Arenac county is votes behind... Unsung Heroes - Petco Foundation My friend David and his wife Catherine are really hard working, good people. David is a dog trainer and teaches dogs French ring and...
  17. Elf-cat

    I am greatful to be able to help others

    I am greatful to have the oportunity to help others even though most other furries wouldn't help me if my life depended on it. So I guess I have to be stronger and not be Clumzy as the popufurs are with their belongings and financial dependance on their fans. There will be a time where the...
  18. Z

    Donation Commissions! $5-$35+!

    I've started taking donation commissions! -The link to donate is HERE. To be clear: none of this money will go to me at all. Prices: $5+: Sketched icon OR stylized icon. $10+: Finished Icon OR sketched waist-up. $20+: Finished waist-up OR sketched full body. $35+: Finished full body OR...
  19. Katriel

    Draw Well Charity Auction - Commissions

    Hello folks! I'm going to do something different with my July vacation commissions, and open 3 slots you can bid on with donations to GiveWell's recommended charities. The auction will last until the end of July 19th (midnight EST on July 20th, 2016), and I will seek to draw pieces for the...
  20. Insanerazorz


    Hello everyone. I would like to ask the community for help in hard times. My father's health has become critical do to a heart disease. He has been hospitalized for 3 weeks now and waiting for the chance to get a bypass surgery operation. His health insurance however doesn't cover the whole...