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  1. Ambriel

    (Commission) Selling: Custom Chibi Fursona Charms + Figures [Prices start at $10]

    Hey there! I've been doing pre-made polymer clay charms and mini-figures for about six months now, so I figured it was about time I start taking commissions. I can sculpt pretty much whatever you like, and in multiple styles, but I typically do toony, chibi, or kawaii-styled charms. My projects...
  2. planetaryrings

    (Commission) Selling: Custom Con/Furry/Pony Laminated Badges! |$35 plus shipping| OPEN

    ✨✨✨⭐️✨☀️✨✨✨ Hey folks <333 I’ve been having fun making my own laminated charms, and I’d like to open them up for sale! Selling for a flat rate of $35 USD each, PLUS shipping- shipping from east coast US! Payments made through PayPal invoices. They can be anything! Full body, bust, headshot...
  3. deadvillains

    Interest check on custom fursona charms?

    (dearly sorry if this is in the wrong place) hi! im still a very basic artist but wanna try my hand at some monetary gain via my art! while i know con badges are pretty popular, i wanna know how interested furries would be in cute bag charms like say here (not my art just for example). here is...
  4. Strawberry Mink

    $5 Generic Animal Charms and $12 Custom 'Sona Charms Free US Shipping!

    To start things off, both Charm Types are a little over four inches long each. Lamination, keyfob, and PNG file are all included in the cost. Both Charm types are backed with double sided patterned cardstock paper. I have a wide variety of these patterns, and I tend to choose the one that fits...
  5. StealthSneak1_Diesel

    Making Custom Made Charms!

    Hey all, just wanted to let you guys know I'm making custom made charms! No bases, so all poses are unique. I'm selling them for $5 for one, and an additional $2 for added charms on the same keychain. You can take advantage of my couples deal of $7 for two! That's one for you, and one for...
  6. mochimoth

    $20 Custom Charm and Sticker Commissions

    Hey there! I’m opening up CUSTOM STICKER and CHARM COMMISSIONS! If interested, all you have to do is email me at owlieclawdraws@gmail.com and fill in the lines below. More detailed info about stickers/charms here. FOR: [your name/url commissioning me] PAYPAL EMAIL: [I use paypal invoice to...