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  1. Bearwizurd

    Come and join us to the Fur Club ! [Discord Chat]

    Hey there peeps and furballs, Bearwizurd here, I've disappeared from FAF for a long time, but for a good reason ! I found a foox's Discord server ! From pep talk to shit posting, normal conversation to sharing experiences, this server is really great to be in ^w^, so with Lord Karma Foox's...
  2. Jayy-Dog

    Furry discord! W.i.p.

    We're a small group of furries looking for anyone to have chat with x3 we don't bite! Please read the rules before chatting! Discord
  3. B

    Interest Check: One-Shot DnD (fifth edition) Role-playing Game on Chat

    Good afternoon. My name is Jay. I apologize if the topic name seems a bit odd; I wanted to pack as much detail about my intentions into the title as possible, but I will summarize it here: I am somewhat new to these forums but not so much new to this community at large, and I am interested in...
  4. B

    What does FAF mean to you?

    So my activity had dwindled here recently, The reason for that is honestly because I've found a better way of communicating to furries in a more convenient way for me. I now interact with the fandom using Discord now and it's been so much more suitable for my needs. I probably won't leave here...
  5. lonely_bloody_wolf

    My life feels empty

    I just feel like there's not enough in my life for me to be happy. Don't get me wrong, I like to be happy... I'm not one of those people who's emo or whatnot just to get attention. If anything I end up keeping it to myself 90% of the time. It's even more infuriating when depression makes you...
  6. littlecoffeefox

    Police, Fire Fighter, Medic, Nurse, Etc

    Heya I'm Fox, I'm looking to see if there are any furs out there who work in or are interested in EMS or Law Enforcement who would be interested in sharing stories, decompress, connect, ask questions and maybe just make friends and chat? Im an Arctic Fox, I work as a BLS Medic in WA State. If...
  7. cdog575

    Looking to chat

    Hello everyone! Do any guy furries want to chat? Looking to make some more friends :) Im a 22 year old gay wolf :D
  8. Akinyi

    Looking to Talk and Meet New Furs

    Hi everyone, First of all I hope I'm putting this in the right place and if not, please forgive me and delete it (or I will of course). Anyway I've been in the fandom for ten years and have met quite a few furs IRL but strangely enough the amount I know online is still low. I often enter...
  9. ironsable

    Heya Folks! New here, looking for friends/comrades in arms.. etc.

    Hey there, I'm new to the community and looking to get to know folks. I'm a student, illustrator, voracious reader, and avid hiker--Say hi; tell me about your day:)
  10. littlecoffeefox

    Furry Social Chat Services

    Hello, I'm an Arctic Fox out in Seattle, WA I am looking for a way to connect and meet new fur friends. Specifically I'm interested in online social spaces or chat services like Telegram, Skype or Yahoo. I guess I'm looking for guidance to find group chats, what people here use and any advice...
  11. Silver Wind34

    Chatrooms and possible RP

    Hey everybody, I have been looking for some good chat rooms to talk and meet new furs at, the only decent one I know of is over at sofurry but it seems like I have a hard time getting noticed in there and people just ignoring me. Is there any way of getting noticed and actually striking up a...
  12. DJ-woof


    just trying to make friends ^^ I've been so lonely at times <:3 I'd love to see any other artists willing to talk too!
  13. Rant

    trapped at work and bored

    Doing a 16h overnight shift but I have nothing to do because I finished what I needed. I also made friends with a little moth. Im not good at this "talking" and "socializing" thing since I've been doing nights for almost a year and don't really have anyone outside of work to talk too. :C
  14. furryfilth

    Describe your aesthetic in five lines or less

    Full sentences or single words. 1. Teacups 2. Big guns 3. The city at night after it rains 4. Being alone in a small apartment 5. Candlelight
  15. furryfilth

    Talk to me about anything

    I'm bored as hell and wanna talk to some people so here ya go. Type words and I will reply with more words. If you wanna RP the RP, if you wanna complain about anything that's fine too, just dooo itttt (cue Shia Labeouf gif.)
  16. phoenixmagica

    Furry Clan - Public Discord!

    Welcome to Furry Clan We are a growing community featuring; Commissions, RP, gaming, and streams! New server, please give us time to get more active :)! Zero tolerance of extreme, and vulgar behavior. Hello~ Just wanted to share a link to my server <3 I would like to see it grow and maybe...
  17. RinkuTheRuffian

    FAF Chat

    FAF Chat V.1 (Just doing god's work.) For the sake of complete anarchy, I opened a Chatzy server to act as a chatbox so ya'll can chat and get to know your fellow FAF members the way you never wanted to. I am fully aware that this is a terrible idea. PLEASE NOTE THAT NEITHER I OR FAF STAFF IS...
  18. eggplantmcgee

    Furry Chat

    Me and 3 friends decided to start up our own furry chat. We noticed a lot of other one's are either really quiet or so loud it's hard to meet new people! It's for anyone so feel free to stop by. Chatzy - Furry Chat
  19. Kuwi

    Just want to chat :3

    Hello :3 I'm new here (FA forums, not on FA) and i have always wondered where to chat with more furs. Something like a real time chat? o: also, if you want to chat here, go ahead :3 i will be more than happy to talk with you ^_^
  20. redthefurrywolf

    Come join a skype group call/chat

    yo who wants to join a dumb ass big skype group?? sent me a request and i'll add you. come on. join our party. It's not just a call. it's also a chat group (NO YIFF) So if you're not down for a call you can still join Skype: live:hannah.person