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cheap art

  1. SpaceyShiba

    (Commission) Selling: Donate $3 to my Ko-Fi for a headshot sketch! Any character

    My Ko-Fi https://ko-fi.com/spaceyshiba If you donate you can get a headshot sketch done like this of a character of your choice, you can choose expression too! Same day turn around just be sure to leave me with a way to contact you!
  2. Strange_Aeonx

    (Commission) Selling: Emergency Headshot/Bust Sketch Commissions (CHEAP)

    I've severely lowered the prices for these so I can do many at once. Please consider commissioning me, as we are currently under. I'll do my best to draw anything you throw at me, though I am horrid with humans. First come first serve. FORM FILLOUT > Reference or description > Expression wanted...
  3. Keroki

    (Commission) Selling: ($5+) ~ Same Day Headshot Comissions ~

    I'm offering my quick headshot comissions again. Any Animal, any expression, any level of accessories or detail, NSFW and SFW. 15$ only via PayPal All art shown is mine (Keroki) See more of my Art or Comissions > here <
  4. MysticMerle

    (Commission) Selling: ($5+) Emergency - half off comms and customs

    https://www.furaffinity.net/view/46714285/ I'm probably the cheapest person to commission, and everything is half off. Please consider supporting me
  5. Robinik

    (Commission) Selling: ($5+) Quick PWYW Colored & Shaded Sketches | $10+ | Realism/Semi-Realism | Furry/Anthro/Human | Digital | Furry/Anthro/Human | OPEN

    5 SLOTS! Comment or DM me on Discord (Grimm#0894) or Telegram (@/Grimmgall) to claim a slot! I will then link you to a form for you to fill out. PRICELIST TIERS (Starts at...) Mugshot: $10+ | Portrait: $15+ | Thigh-up: $20+ | Knees-up: $25+ | Full Soma: $30+ +Additional Character: 50% | Scenery...
  6. F

    [Selling] I will draw your OC in just $10

    I will draw your OC in just $10 although additional changes may cost you more. Here are some of my furry works that i did for just $10.
  7. MeowfiaKitten

    (Commission) Selling: ($5+) Who would you like me to draw?

    Hey guys, I am opening up commissions again for anyone who'd like to hire me. I can draw any type of character whether it be a human, anthro, or humanoid. As well as any species, dogs, cats, lizards, dragons, birds, etc... even closed species but for those I will definitely need some...
  8. PaleoClipper

    YCH Dutchie or similar (selling $10)

    Hi there! I can do any Dutch Angel Dragon, or Pegasis (or anything that will fit on my personally made base) I can also modify your character to fit the base you see here. Floppy ears, stubby tail, hooves?? No problem! The only part of the base that stays the same is show here. Wings, horns...
  9. Mitchiee-Thee

    (Commission) Selling: Commissions OPEN! SFW NSFW ($5 - $25)

    Don't hesitate to contact me here or on my other social media if you have any questions or you want a commission: Check my commission page here: https://www.furaffinity.net/commissions/mitchiee-thee/ Other contact info and places to check more of my art: Deviantart...
  10. DexterDraws

    (Base/YCH) Selling: (NSFW)$5 Flat/$7 Shaded Bondage YCH

    Hey everyone :)! I made a ych recently, and finally got around to posting it on FA, so I'll show you all here! The ych: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/39346846/ You must be 18+ to view or purchase this ych!! If you'd like to support me elsewhere or find me on another platform, you can find...
  11. SpareSpare41

    (Commission) Selling: Any Art Commission for $5 in Amazon Gift Card (pay after)

    Like the title says, you don't have to pay until the end of the commission!! There are examples below of the quality my commissions are at, also here is a link to my Deviantart showing the most recent art and commissions I have made. Please comment below if you're interested ^_^ The commissions...
  12. gemini.lxve


    Haiii! I am opening up commissions for the first time I am willing to do both SFW and NSFW art, and both human and furry art (although since it’s fur affinity, I will expect a lot of furry art ). Commission Prices •Headshot: $5 •Chibi: $5 •Half-body: $8 •Thigh-up: $10 •Full-body: $15 All...
  13. Dritazura

    (Commission) Selling: $10-$13 Commission Special! SFW and NSFW 3 Slots Open

    Hello friends! I am doing a special on commissions in this style which would include one character of your choice doing a pose of your choice and one color you’d like as well and I will be shading with a lighter shade of the color you chose. If NSFW then it’s another $3. You can also add...
  14. Dilan

    (Commission) Selling: Cheap & Quick Furry art! [10 - 20$]

    NSFW or SFW Shaded or Flats * I draw: Humans, Ferals, Pokemon, Anthros, Furries. --- FA: furaffinity.net: FA is temporarily offline. --- Flats: 10$ Shading / Full color: 20$ Winged Characters: +7$ Extra characters: +100% (10$) Complex scenes may have extra charge. --- SLOTS: Currently OPEN for...
  15. Tris

    $10 Summer YCH Female (Canine/Feline!) Free edits!

    EDIT: CLOSED!!! Examples of finished work: SilenceArtist's DeviantArt Gallery I can edit to be a feline if your character is feline, I can add hair, change clothes, change tail, anything that needs to be changed to fix your character! :) (Or anything you would like changed/added!) Will be...
  16. D

    Character Purge: $5 Each

    All characters here are up for sale! Rules: -Paypal only! -All OCs (and associated art) are a flat price of $5 -In the Miscellaneous category, sketch characters are 2 for $5 -In the Gemsona category, all pieces (together) are $5 -Un-watermarked files will be emailed after payment is received
  17. CapralCapers

    (Commission) Selling: Commissions ranging from $5 - $45!

    Thank you for visiting this thread! I am open for commissions of all kinds, starting as low as $5! Please read my Terms and Conditions for Commissions first before continuing! PRICES: Please click each topic to see an example. $5 - Basic Sketch (+$5 per extra character, the example listed...
  18. Rhisper

    (Commission) Selling: Doing cheap commissions to get myself back in the game (°u°)

    Wanting to get back into doing commissions, havent done any in 5 years! My prices are discounted and I will keep them as so until further notice My rules are simple - I have the right to refuse for any reason - no refunds after completion - 70% of price is due before initial sketch is...
  19. Dritazura

    $5 Commission Special!

    Hello fellow furry friends! I am doing a special on commissions of this style which would include one character of your choice doing a pose of your choice and one color you’d like as well and I will be shading with a lighter shade of the color you chose. Payment will be via PayPal and can have...
  20. DandyBison

    OPEN $5 - $15 Emergency Commissions!

    Been out of a job a while and really need some money to pay bills / rent. I have been applying to jobs but not getting much back. Not to mention I found a frog friend on a potted plant and am trying to take care of the little guy in a tank ( it's too cold to put him outside :'V ) feel free to...