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cheap commissions

  1. 2DFIEND

    (Commission) Selling: cewiyneart's digital art commissions (Starts from $10!) [OPEN]

    Hello!!!! My name is Celine, and I have commissions open right now!! My prices start from $10! :oops: I can do icons, paintings, pixels, chibis, custom designs, reference sheets, animals, anthros, pokemon, people, etc! If you're unsure, just ask me! Click the image below to look at my...
  2. xdontyoufakeit

    (Commission) Selling: Pokemon + sona or Pokemon - Old school style: $15 or $10

    - Unlimited slots - Additional Pokemon in the same picture: $5 - Trainer can be your fursona, human self, an existing Pokemon trainer/gym leader or any other OC you prefer - Pokemon can be an official pokemon or an OC pokemon - Pokemon can be made in my style, which is more realistic (like the...
  3. MercifulHope

    (Commission) Selling: Cheap Quick Commissions Available ($10-$20)

    Hi everyone! Thought I'd offer some commissions to feed my new obsession with lucas the spider plushies! SFW AND NSFW available! Comment or PM me!
  4. Rina

    (Commission) Selling: Urgent Commissions Open! SFW or NSFW, 10$+

    Hello there! Due to some urgent irl reasons, I need to open up commissions, so I hope to get some here! Will Do: -SFW -NSFW (any kinks and fetishes are ok) -OCs -Existent Characters -Any Species Won't Do: -Tbh the only thing I won't do are mecha characters Prices: -Headshot: 10$ -Half Body...
  5. Floofy-Nerd

    Cheap Commissions! 5$-10$!

    Open to commissions! Hit me up if you're interested!
  6. daaiyah sims

    (Commission) Selling: Pokemon Commissions [$10-35]

    If you're looking for pokemon art, i got you covered! Here are my example(s): My price sheet: I will only draw Pokemon's! If you're interested in another commission type, please Message me. Contact: daaiyahsims@gmail.com
  7. Lunaudacity

    (Commission) Selling: [$5 Each] Simple Sketch Commissions

    I am opening simple pencil sketch commissions for 5$ a piece! These are fullbody and can be scanned with the printer free of charge! :) will be unwatermarked of course. 80 slots open! 1 - 2 - 3 -
  8. angelhoneypot

    Variety of Commissions ( $5-$30)

    I'm new to FA forums so please forgive no coding and the like. I'm snagging the same images that I posted on my instagram for Commissions. I forgot to include full body anthro, but those start at $10! I will not draw: -overly complicated characters -things outside of my skill level While not...
  9. InkkEmulsion

    (Commission) Selling: Inkk's Mecha & Monsters (and fursonas) one stop design shop ($5 - $150)

    Corvid's fantasy and scifi art shop Commissions being accepted currently?: Yes (and tumblr) Hello there! I currently am in need of funds to help with university living costs, and have 4 slots open currently. I specialise in mecha, monsters and fursonas but I also draw D&D things...
  10. CelestialblueShark

    (Commission) Selling: 5 to 18 Dollars Commission

    Hii!! So I am opening some cheap commissions from 5 dollars to 18 I will show the examples below <3 Since I am starting this for the first time, I am keeping it as basic and cheap as possible. I can do NSFW, Gore, More poses, From the sides. Anthro, Animals, Dragons etcs. These are just head...
  11. TrixZoro

    (Commission) Selling: Digital Commissions Open ($5-$30 usd)

    For separate art, ex. 2 headshots, add the regular price together. Ship art is the original price + half of the original price. ~ I don't trust snailmail and I only accept USD. ~ Digital (base price for a sketch)- Headshot - $5.00 Waist up - $6.00 Fullbody - $7.00 For extra characters, add...
  12. Skystxr

    (Commission) Selling: Cheap Commissions (All €5 - €10) SFW only!

    As summer is here, I am using this time to practice and explore the world of furry illustrations and get out of my comfort zone. And what better way to do that than to draw your amazing characters? I'm experienced in feral art, examples can be found at Absolute Trash (@skystxr) • Instagram...
  13. Zombiy

    (Commission) Selling: Summer Specials! $7-$65

    Hey friends! The hot summer sun is bringing in some HOT NEW OPTIONS in my commission menu! I've got a limit of 5 spots left! My social links: DeviantArt - ArtofZombiy | DeviantArt Tumblr - zombiy.tumblr.com: a paint in the ass. Twitter - Zombiy (@zzzombiy) on Twitter FurAffinity - Userpage of...
  14. vvhimsi

    (Commission) Selling: vvhimsi's $7 icon commissions!

    i need some money quickly so i’m doing these! they're full color! these will only last from april 18-may 20!! info: - +60% of original price for each additional character - no backgrounds - i only accept payment through paypal - i won’t do animals, intense gore, mecha, or nsfw -...
  15. teacozy1

    (Commission) Selling: Chibi Stickers~! (Open)

    Hello everyone~! I'm opening up my chibi sticker style for commissions. Now since I live in the UK and use pounds I have converted the prices to match. So for example if I mark something as £1 in British pounds in American dollars it would be $1.32. So I'm going to put down the price for British...
  16. dunspork

    (Commission) Selling: Icons for $5!

    Hi! I'm selling discounted icons for $5 (normally they're about $7 but I plan to revamp my pricing sheet within the month). These icons can be used for any website, and I am able to give a smaller and a larger resolution picture (I draw them 1000x1000 px but I can shrink them to 100x100 to use...
  17. cowbrain

    cowbrain's art shop ($5-$55 !) ALWAYS open!

    Hey guys! Finally updated my commission sheet and I'm very interested in new projects! Just shoot me a DM if interested, or contact me through any of the means listed below! Thanks!
  18. werewolf-kun

    Super Cheap NSFW YCH! Only $20 each!

    I have four super cheap NSFW YCH images up for sale! All will be a fully colored and simple shaded. Characters can be ANY species and ANY gender. Comment here or PM me to claim a slot! You can also comment on the FurAffinity link or note me on FurAffinity to claim. Just as a warning, the link is...
  19. PuffinAardwolf

    [OPEN!] $8 Chibis!

    Hi everyone! This is my first time selling art on the FA forums so bear with me... I'm selling $8 (per character) chibis! Autumn/Halloween themed or otherwise -- I can do anything! Message me / post here to claim a slot. I'll take as many as I my queue has room for. :3 Examples incoming:
  20. ThefriendlyFurry

    Novice Writing Commissions Now Re-Opened! [Slots 0/3]

    My laptop is fixed and ready so if you want a casual story written with your OC's then click the link below to see the prices. Userpage of ThefriendlyFurry -- Fur Affinity [dot] net