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  1. MalGV

    Cheap Commissions [ $5-$10+ • FULL, CLOSED] Sketches/Lineart/Colors/Shading+Lighting/More

    Hey folks! I hope everyone is doing well so far this year. I am taking on something major this year regarding my working career: I'm starting a YouTube/Rumble channel that's going to be focused on art, mostly in creature design, art tips, reviews and some other stuff. My job search in the...
  2. Shadowhawkart

    (Commission) Selling: ($5+) Scarlet's Comms! (Icons, Stickers, Refs, + More!) $5 - $50!

    DeviantArt ~~~ FurAffinity ~~~ Youtube Decided to revamp my commissions entirely cause it's been a minute and I feel like my art has improved since then! ouo With that done, let's get to the prices and examples! <3 Headshots / Icons Flatcolor: $5.00 /// Shaded: $8.00 Can be turned into...
  3. RangerReb

    Offering cheap fursona commissions! ($10-$30)

    Hello my dudes! I'm offering what I would consider to be relatively inexpensive commissions to try to get some exposure. I have three packages to choose from, the basic starting at $10, the standard starting at $15, and the premium being $30. All prices are negotiable if you have good reasoning...
  4. Liseran Thistle

    (Commission) Selling: $5 Sketches! (Anthros and Human, Colored)

    I will do a sketch of your fursona or OC for $5. It will be a full-body sketch, no NSFW requests. If you would like for the sketch to be colored, you will have to pay an additional $5. Otherwise, it will be uncolored. Here are examples of the different types of sketches I can provide for...
  5. RenniksArts

    (Commission) Selling: Profile Icons from £10gbp

    Want a Profile pic for your Social Media Needs? You can grab one from me for as little as £10gbp and get its as soon as the same day of purchase! What can you get? Flatcolour Icon: £10gbp Cellshaded Icon: £15gbp Fullshaded Icon: £25gbp These are commissions that can be done quickly but with...
  6. Genonair

    (Commission) Selling: Gen's commissions! 10$-35$

    RULES -SFW- -Paypal only (US dollars)- -Payment beforehand- -Simple backgrounds only- -Feral and anthro (no humans)- • Full body shot -20$- -shading +5$- -10$ per extra character- • Half body shot • -15$- -shading +5$- -5$ per extra character- • Icons • -10$- -shading 3$-...
  7. Genonair

    (Commission) Selling: Cheap Commissions (5$-15$)! [OPEN]

    No NSFW, no fetish art, nothing offensive.
  8. Kinnchi

    Chibis $9

    Hi!! My chibis are on sale now, because im on a hard moment and i need money ; w ; Paymen via Paypal only! Please have a clear reference ;;
  9. tastyteef

    Summer Sale $10

    Had to remake the thread, but I have sketch commissions open. Msg me if interested Examples of my art: if you want to see more send private message
  10. KrissySempaiArt

    Commission Slots Open !

    Hey guys ! First time posting here so hopefully I don't sound too goofy. I'm all open for commissions at the moment and thought I should post here for anyone who was interested, if you are, feel free to comment or go to my FurAffinity page , K.K_Sempai for all references I've posted <3 I do...
  11. quwequwe

    $5 Post-Its

    I saw someone else doing this and thought it was a super cool idea! So I have two styles for this, here's the examples I made with my own fursona: So you can let me know if you want a bust or a chibi. I'll try to make the busts less boring for commissioners haha. 2Q is just a boring gryphon...
  12. kitty.moon

    I'm new to furry art...

    ..and the furry community in general! I'm an anime artist and I just wanted to try getting into furry art to expand my skills and customer base. As of right now I don't have anything to show as examples for furry art... So I'm wondering if some people would like to take a look at my Facebook...
  13. Yonk

    Drinksona and Other Commissions Now Open! (see link)

  14. S


    Hi buddies! I'm saving to buy a pin maker machine! I want to make some pins for the next convetion on my city so if you can help me I'll be so glad! I'll open 10 slots for this! and just for 25 euros! [27$] This is an example! http://fav.me/d9sg8cn Send me an email if you're interested...