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chibi anime anthro human feral

  1. FurFurSha

    (Commission) Selling: Shasha's commissions (12$-135$) ♥ Chibis/Sketches/RefSheets/Polished/Pokemon/NSFW

    Hello there! I'm Sha/Shasha and you can find here my commission prices! I may open and close the thread depending of the free slots!! You are free to ask for more refs if you are trying to find something specific in my style, I will do my best! You can pay in USD or EUR! But I highly recommend...
  2. karmi.sama

    Happy Holidays! $25 Bust Commissions Open + More ⛄❄

    Hey everyone! I'm quite new to this forum but I thought I'd give this a go I've been wanting to sell commissions for awhile but have been too shy Anyways~ I can do both Traditional and Digital Art. For the former you'll need to pay for shipping. Here's some examples [ Digital ] [...
  3. eleoyasha

    Chibi Commissions Open!

    I decided to open commissions again, I need to save money. My FA: Userpage of eleoyasha -- Fur Affinity [dot] net PRICE: $10 SLOTS: 10 •How to order a commission: You must fill out a form and send me it in a private message. •FORM: References: (Images, full body and color, be clear with...
  4. eleoyasha

    Requests OPEN! 3 slots

    Hi guys! I will open commissions soon and I want to practice to draw anthro characters :D I'm going to choose only 3 characters to draw. Please leave here a reference of your character ^^ My page: Userpage of eleoyasha -- Fur Affinity [dot] net You will receive a drawing like this...
  5. Avelix

    $8 adopt!

    Info: cynamilk.deviantart.com: Tealetta Adopt-OPEN you can comment on that or PM me on FA: Userpage of avelix -- Fur Affinity [dot] net to claim! thanks!
  6. Avelix

    Avelix's Commission Shop-OPEN!

    Hi! Thought I'd try selling commissions here. I'm new so hopefully I'm doing everything right! Please note I accept payments in USD. If interested please read my more in depth terms of service: sta.sh: Terms of Service-just the basic stuff is on the sheet! there is also an important notice at...
  7. tsukibun

    Chibi, 3/4th body, and Full body Commissions

    Hello, I am currently open for digital commissions. At the moment, there are 2 out of 6 slots open. Please reply or message here if interested/have questions, or email me at sky.flight.seek@gmail.com Thank you for looking! Finished:
  8. Alphaistic

    Chibi Anthros/Humans/Ferals (Starting @25$)

    20$ a piece for chibi anthros/humans 30$/chibi for ferals Other info is here I would also be delighted to do any of the larger commissions on the page, but figured most people would gravitate to the chibis :') I take Paypal only~ Please email me at maeshimar@gmail.com, or post here!