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chibi commissions

  1. ShadeofRae

    (Commission) Selling: Shade Of Rae's One Stop Art Shop! (open)

    Hello! And Welcome! My name is Rae you can find my Terms of Service here! I'm a free lance artist looking to expand my client base if you're interested you can DM me on the main FA site or here. (main site is probably better) I offer various forms of commission styles which you can see below...
  2. Trithahn

    (Commission) Selling: ($15+) Anthro/Feral - Headshots for $20, Halfbodies for $25, and Fullbodies for $30!

    Hello! I have a decent amount of free time lately so I'd love to draw for you. I do NSFW for an additional $5-$10 charge! Headshots ($20) Halfbodies ($25) Fullbodies ($30) Chibis ($20) If you're interested comment below or DM me! (if that's possible, I'm new to this)
  3. Wheeze

    (Commission) Selling: ($35+) LOTS OF OPTIONS! Icons, refs, illustrations, animations, and more!

    hey yall im back open for commissions! wanna help me pay rent by getting neat art of your characters?? well here's your opportunity! WHAT I OFFER: icons chibis (three options!) busts half bodies full bodies ref sheets short looping animations telegram stickers sfw + nsfw furries, animals...
  4. vermilicide

    (Commission - Selling) ✧ Pixel+Chibi Comms [$15~35]✧

    Hey! I'm new here, but I am offering commissions both here and on Toyhouse. There are several types to choose from for each! Some of them more so have a price range vs a definite price! For chibis: ANC Style- ᲼᲼᲼᲼᲼᲼᲼᲼᲼᲼᲼᲼᲼᲼᲼᲼᲼᲼᲼᲼᲼᲼᲼᲼᲼᲼᲼᲼᲼᲼᲼᲼᲼᲼᲼᲼᲼᲼᲼᲼᲼᲼᲼᲼᲼᲼᲼᲼᲼᲼᲼᲼᲼᲼᲼Doodle Style-...
  5. umuni

    (Commission) Selling: ($15+) Cutesy / Anime style chibis ( anthro, human, feral ) [4 SLOTS]

    ·˚ ༘₊· ͟͟͞͞꒰➳ CUTESY COMMS FOR YOU ⋆.ೃ࿔*:・ featuring big sparkly eyes, cute pawbs, and a soft shading style to boot! i want to buy some presents for people i love for christmas, and i'd also love to draw for people that want to have something cute for characters they love as well! so this is a...
  6. Tinseni

    (Commission) Selling: Busts & Chibis

    Hello and welcome! I'm selling the following 2 types of commissions : Bust – A portrait of your character from the neck or shoulders up. Regular style. Accessories, wings, manes are included if desired. • Price $15.00 • Add Shading/colored lineart + $5.00 • Add Simple Background +...
  7. EmoPigeon

    (Commission) Selling: $18-$24 Chibi Full Body Ko-fi Commissions!

    I'm taking chibi ko-fi commissions as well! Here's my ko-fi and inbox me on what you'd like!!
  8. ZenoBunny

    (Commission) Selling: Chibi and Detailed character ($30-$80)

    Hey there! I'm currently open for two types of commissions: Detailed single character and single chibi's. paypal only. Detailed character is $80, while Chibi's are $30. All commissions are sketched, lined, and fully colored/shaded, and comes with speedpaint videos (that'll be posted on my YT...
  9. MoebiousII

    (Commission) Selling: [OPEN] 2020 Commissions within $10-60

    Open commissions on affordable prices! Check it out and be sure to read my ToS! Commission board- Moebious pricez Any question feel free to dm/ note me here or on discord ( my user Moebious#3349)
  10. Glossolalia

    (Commission) Selling: Headshots and chibis, $7

    I'm opening up commissions for the first time! For now I'm only offering headshots and chibis in flat colours. Hand inked, digitally coloured drawings. PayPal only. Full TOS here: Terms of service
  11. CarbonCoal

    (Commission) Selling: CarbonCoal's Commission's [$15-$50]

    Terms of Service When commissioning me you are agreeing to the following: - I don't accept refunds - I receive payments through PayPal only - Payment should be made in full upfront - Once I have finished the sketch I will contact you with an image of it. I will not start the inking process...
  12. MoebiousII

    (Commission) Selling: Open Commissions!(and auction )

    Open commissions on affordable prices! Check it out and be sure to read my ToS! Commission board- https://www.furaffinity.net/view/30262068/ Also I having an auction on twitch emotes of mobspycho100, you can check it out here www.furaffinity.net: MObPsycho Emotessss by MoebiousII Any question...
  13. V

    (Commission) Selling: Selling VERY Cheap COMMISSIONS: EVERYTHING under $6!!

    One of my DeviantART friends really wants to commission someone on DA, and since she doesn't have paypal, I'm trying to save some money to buy it for her!! So basically, I'm doing commissions to save that money! I'm offering: Headshots/busts, halfbodies and fullbodies, ALL coloured, ALL for...
  14. PTarts09

    (Commission) Selling: from $7 to $20 humanoids and anthros (OPEN)

    I decided to finally do a proper journal for Commissions. All of them are colored and cell-shaded except the type 1 chibi, these prices are provisional since I still don't have much experience and please not very complex designs. CHIBIS: Type 1: 7USD Type 2: 10USD Type 3: 15USD (includes...
  15. plumoaster_dis

    Open full color commisions (starting at 5 usd)

    headshot: 5 usd chibi: 7 usd halfbody: 10 usd my conditions here: www.deviantart.com: Commision conditions if you are interesed dm me!
  16. Smilescream

    $20 Chibi Anime Detailed Anthro/Feral Commish Open

    1 for $20 *Slots Open:// 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. ((10 total slots atm, first time commissioning check back often ;c)) How it works:// 1) Message me on DA (Tundrakay on DeviantArt) or FA ( Userpage of SmilesCream -- Fur Affinity [dot] net ) letting me know you're interested. I will need...
  17. Smutichi

    Quick Fast and Simple, Chibi Commissions [5€ ~6$] [0/6]

    Trying something new here! Turns out chibis are pretty fun to draw, so I decided to draw some! And so as the starving artist that I am I decided to try to sell them. You probably have some questions! What can I do to get one of them cute little buggers? Just contact me at...
  18. roido

    Black Friday Commissions SALE (CLOSED)

    Hello! I am offering a sale on chibis and full body commissions! Full bodies are 25$ each with 13$ per extra character Chibis are 8$ each with 5$ per extra character Ask about backgrounds and props Please read my terms of service HERE FULL BODY SLOTS: 0/2 CHIBI SLOTS: 0/2 Contact me...
  19. Set

    [OPEN] Holiday Goodies! (Commissions)

    Hello! Welcome to my Holiday Shop! I've got quite a few goodies lined up and ready to go. Everything here is chibi (for now), so I hope you're ready for some cute drawings! Available Products: Linework = $15 Linework + Flat Colour = $20 Linework + Shading/Highlighting + Border (optional) =...
  20. msseerie


    If you are interested, feel free to message me~! I also have instagram @msseerie • Instagram photos and videos and furaffinity Userpage of msmechpen -- Fur Affinity [dot] net