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  1. JustAlex1997

    Embarrassing Childhood Facts

    I thought that cyberspace was a real place and, as such, things like computer viruses physically existed and could enter our world. Our computer was in the living room, and I'd always look away when passing it at night.
  2. Mr-Rose-Lizard

    Favorite childhood theme song question

    Posted here by permission from Wcher999 of DeviantArt Wcher999 User Profile | DeviantArt : What TV show theme song from your childhood still puts a smile on you face even today? Here are a few of mine:
  3. I

    Books you loved as a child

    I am feeling nostalgic today. Post and share books and stories you loved reading or having someone read to you when you were very young. My mother would read me Ignis, a story about a dragon who is a late bloomer and doesn't know how to breath fire, but after going on a journey and meeting...
  4. NotaThota

    Online kids games. Just. That childhood.

    Im assuming other people played the classics, cat kingdom, Fireboy andWatergirl, anything on girlsgogames (though that might just be mine), agame. Any of these ring a bell?
  5. A

    Weird Childhood Memories

    I used to live near a mall that had this absolutely disturbing Buzz Lightyear ride, but I could never bring myself to not look at it.