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  1. space_strayCat

    Does your OC have children?

    Biological, adopted, or even made as a machine, etc. It could be anything as long as they raise it as their own. You could add things like how they grew up or what they are interested in. I'll start with mine. My OC adopts a husky pup as his son after seeing him hiding in a box among the burnt...
  2. B

    Should children be allowed into the Furry Fandom?

    I'm curious about what you people think. I know there are a lot of problems regarding predators and such. There's so much adult content in this fandom that I don't know how children can avoid it. My first experience with furries online were bad. I was 14 and both were trying to drag me into the...
  3. AustinB

    Do you plan on having kids at some point in your life?

    I mean, I’m gay, so probably not kids of my own. I’d be fine with adopting though.