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  1. AriesHausdorff

    Chapter 1 of "The Children of Earth" finished... Proofreaders please?

    The first book of my "Welcome to Valhalla" Series reached a milestone: Chapter 1 is done. You find it here: http://aries.homeftp.net/publish/welcome_to_valhalla/wtv-texts/files/The_children_of_Earth.pdf Any feedback, aside of the already reported Doorknobbing issue in 1.1. is dearly welcome -...
  2. Soren49

    Artist for hire

    Hello, My name is Shelby Hughes, I am an artist with a BFA who studied illustration and graphic design. I have many skills and I'm capable of drawing just about anything outside of robots. I enjoy drawing stickers, posters, logos, animals, portraits, cartoons, and designs of all kinds, I'm even...