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  1. KemoNova

    Old members needed for this topic ! Let's talk about 80/90's-2009 old conventions !

    Hello ! Today I'd like to bring old members to a topic you surely already saw but let's dive into the real thing and tell us (to young 2010-today members) how was like to be in those old conventions back at in 80/90's-2009 area? I'm here to understand what activities was in anthro conventions...
  2. S

    chill music for art drawing

    i mostly listen to chill or other musics to fit the scenes for my characters and for war i listen to metal. i mostly use Spotify or YouTube or i use steam music player.
  3. Thrashy

    Psychedelic Rock

    As much as I love hard and heavy music, I find the lack of a psychedelic Rock thread disturbing :p So feel free to share everything stoner/psychedelic/space/experimental/progressive here :) I'll start with a few :D Steel Mill - Mijo And The Laying Of The Witch Pink Floyd - Set The Controls...
  4. Yakamaru

    Favorite piece of art you've received and/or commissioned?

    I think we have a thread like this buried in the archives, but I am not fond of throwing a level 10 Necro on threads, so I will make a new one. This is a general thread for art you've received in general, be it through a commission, gift, winning a raffle, etc. Note: This thread can also be a...
  5. Yakamaru

    Good old 80's!

    I know, I know. I am pretty sure we already have an 80's thread buried somewhere in this subforum, but I hate necroposting, and not interested in pleasing the necro Overlords. So, lets see how many on these forums are actual fans of 80's music! Will start with what I am currently listening to:
  6. Sinamuna

    Sin's Art Stream ONLINE

    (I hope this is an appropriate place to put this ^^; ) Come watch me stream some art! If you don't like what I draw, you can just listen to my music if you want. x3
  7. LegendaryWhisper

    3rd and Commons (Open RP)

    You guys are more than welcomed to hop into this RP and chill but 1.) Please be respectful 2.) Do not post your fetishes or NSFW material here 3.) This chat is open to everyone. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Pulsating music is playing through...
  8. Yakamaru

    OfficialBoredomFurries Discord Server

    We don't allow new members anymore as of this moment.
  9. RemedyKun

    Stoner Furry Groups?..

    Looking to bring together the ever rising Furry and Weed community x3
  10. Valisha

    Oh...I'm In The Newbie Spotlight

    Well, It seems as if I'm a new comer 'round these parts. The name is Valisha the Fennec fox (with some dread locks eh?), Grew up in the urban streets and is particularly street wise. I may be a small little person but I'm full of energy when needed. I love to dance (choreography hip-hop)...