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  1. Luteus

    Luteus <3

    Hello everyone, my name is Luteus, a latino bunny/chinchilla from Puerto Rico. I've been a furry artist for many years, and never really got involved with other people until like 4 years ago where I started chatting and making friends on instagram. First time fursuiting was at TFF 2019, then I...
  2. Sinamuna

    Chinchilla or cat? ;o;

    Which one is better suited for me, even if you don't know me? lol
  3. Amidatii

    Any other Chinchillas or am I rare?

    Just wondering if there are any others, I haven't seen any before I came here.
  4. strigasv

    Looking to Art Trade for chinchillas

    But a specific 'Chilla this time =w= I finally caved and decided to make a 'sona. This is Bijoux, a white and grey 'chilla with a love for makeup and delicate things. And strangely enough, 80's hair metal. Hahaha~ I'm looking to trade. I'll draw pretty much any 'sona or OC in exchange for...