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  1. Yakamaru

    Christmas/New Year's 2020 Raffle/Event

    ~Edit~ To reduce potential confusion and to clarify how this raffle works, this post will be edited accordingly. Christmas is around the corner, and with it comes joy and happiness in not just receiving gifts but also giving them. And with that in mind, I want to host an event/raffle to...
  2. Alice-Untamed

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Christmas sale: all open adopts now $10 Each!

    Over the year I've had my fair share of unsold adoptables, so they are all now $10USD via paypal, first come first served! https://www.furaffinity.net/gallery/alice-untamed/folder/821057/Adoptables ^ Link to the folder Link contains both SFW and NSFW adoptables, so if on FA you have the SFW...
  3. ErraticJolteon

    (Commission) Selling: ($15+) Christmas Commissions!! [$10-15+ USD]

    so like, it's almost christmas, and I would love to get all of my loved ones presents and maybe have something a little extra for myself with this hell of a year I have a couple of stuff already set up but tbh otherwise just kinda throw something at me and I can get a quote going?? icons are...
  4. JuniperW

    Advent Calendars

    This just arrived in the mail today! It looks beautiful, and is filled with 24 different varieties of tea~ I wasn’t the one who ordered it, but everyone in my family knows I like birbs, so I’m not surprised this is the one I got! Are you going to have an advent calendar of your own this year...
  5. Night.Claw

    Hiring: ($100+) Christmas Couple Art (closed)

    Hey peeps. I'm looking for an artist, who could create a nice, Christmas themed couple art for my boyfriend and me. My requirements are simple, i didn't thought about anything excessive. It would be 100% SFW. Something similar to the attached picture would be perfect, but in a full body...
  6. JuniperW

    What are y'all doing for Christmas?

    Seeing as how the virus is impacting every country differently, we're all gonna have different plans for Christmas. Lockdown in my country is ending at the start of December, so I'm going to be out and about a lot of the time - though not without taking extra precautions. A new wood burner...
  7. D

    Owl rescued in Rockefeller Center Christmas tree

    I figured something positive and heartwarming is in order after these past few days, and while it's pretty early for the holidays, this little owl deserves some recognition for surviving a disaster...
  8. Ovidia Dragoness

    Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!

    Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas everyone!
  9. Ravofox

    What species is the most Christmacy?

    I've been pondering this very important question for some time! I know a lot of people would say deer or what not for obvious reasons, but I am fairly certain it's foxes!! Red and white, know everything, can be found all around the world and can fit into tight spaces with ease, they're...
  10. DLewis28

    What are some of your favorite Christmas specials?

    Are their any TV specials you enjoy watching each Christmas?
  11. Bxb777

    (Commission) Selling: Winter clothes themed fullbody art! (15$)

    Hey everyone! It's finally winter, and you know what that means. WARM CLOTHES TIME. For the rest of this month you can get a full body artwork of your fursona in winter clothing for 15$!!! If you're interested, pm me! Telegram or Twitter is preferred. Telegram: bxb777 Twitter: lucasbxb77777
  12. MauEvigEternalCat

    The Great Holiday Tree Debate!

    Which do you prefer, the real trees that you go out in the woods and cut down as per old time family traditions, or the store bought artificial trees that can be reused from year to year? Is getting the tree down from the attic, up from the basement or the garage or wherever you store your...
  13. ModifiedRabbit

    Christmas YCHs - Some Starting at only $15!

    My FA is here if youd like to check out any of these YCHs! I also have plenty of deals and non holiday themed ychs. NSFW and SFW. Get em while they last! Userpage of ModifiedRabbit -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Below are some of the YCHs I have listed for Christmas!
  14. Trevorbluesquirrel

    Request: Holiday Sona Art?

    Happy Holidays to you all! I'd like to suggest that if anyone here would like to draw me, Trevor, with their OC's, that't be lovely! Whether holiday themed, wholesome, or kinky, I'd love to see anything you can doodle up! I would like to post any art that features me in my own gallery, and...
  15. Fallowfox

    How many Xmas trees in your house?

    A while ago I was trying to estimate the size of the forest you would get if you gathered together all the Christmas trees in the world. I estimated each family of four in the West might have a Christmas tree, but I spoke with an American I live next to and she told me that her family has...
  16. Krikri

    (Base/YCH) Selling: 2 separate Christmas YCH (female) - SB $30

    Hello! In time for holidays, fresh YCH come your way! Bidding link: Present for You - YCH.Commishes Sb: $30 Min bid: $5 Ab: $170 Bids over $100 get a full rendered background. +$20 for an extra nude version after final bid. * PAYPAL only * Bids and payment in $USD * Payment within 24hrs. *...
  17. Tinzarone

    (Commission) Selling: Headshots for $15 (Christmas theme if you wish!)

    I know a lot of people want to get a new holiday icon, so I offer myself! Tho I don't have really a christmasish examples (or headshot furry examples), but you can clearly see my artskill from examples below ANY SPECIES ANY GENDER Send me a note here or on FA and we will discuss detailes For...
  18. MauEvigEternalCat

    Happy Holidays!

    As the holiday season approaches, I thought I'd take some time to see which winter holidays everyone observes and celebrates! This is a friendly discussion, so please be respectful. Feel free to share any holiday traditions too! Personally I celebrate Christmas (though I lean toward the...
  19. Spitfire110

    Hiring: Christmas Commission! $20 - $40

    Hello! I'm going for two separate commissions each with two characters in them. The details are sorta secret because it's a Christmas gift. The detail doesn't need to be fantastic I just need two characters for each picture, cause it's a cute Christmas picture!
  20. C

    Favorite Christmas movie

    Christmas is almost here, so how about we get in the holiday spirit by sharing our favorite Christmas movies One of my favorites is Tokyo Godfathers This movie tells the story of three homeless persons who during Christmas night happen to find a baby amongst the trash. They decide to look...