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  1. Ambriel

    (Commission) Selling: FULL-COLOR COMMISSION DISCOUNTS [$9.25 & up]

    Planning on purchasing a Halloween-themed commission, some spooky guro, a fun wintery drawing, or an illustration for someone special this holiday season? I've got you covered. From now until December 18th, 2019, I'll be offering various discounts on any of my illustration-based commissions...
  2. FluffyStorm

    Show your Christmas gift art!

    Hello! I made this topic so anyone can show off their art they made as Christmas gifts to their friends etc. ^^. #Can be from previous years. #You can post links to your FA gallery so people can fave it :) (I'd prefer the topic to be SFW though) Here are mine: www.furaffinity.net: AT...
  3. RearmedDreamer

    Artmas 2018

    So I did a bunch of gift art for Christmas for people I have either interacted with recently or thought they had cool 'sonas. If I did not draw you a piece it wasn't because I didn't want to... it's because my hand hurts. xD Koijot www.furaffinity.net: 2018/12/13 - Koijot by RearmedDreamer...
  4. azureclover

    Ornament YCH - $5 any species

    Decided to make some little tree ornaments for christmas this year, turned it into a ych. $5 USD (paypal only) any species, outfit of your choice (if outfit is too complex I charge an additional fee) anyone who purchases will also be part of a suprise community picture I plan on making around...
  5. pimpartist

    Christmas lights YCH - animated!!

    Hey guys! I'm going to open up this YCH for the week leading up to Christmas! I will be doing around one of these per day, the final one being delivered on 24 December. ONLY 10 SLOTS !! 35 USD/slot Rules: - any species - any gender - Santa hat and outfit stays the same - Christmas lights...
  6. Zefy

    XMAS YCH [20$]

    SB - 20$ MI - 5$ AB - 70$ NSFW and SFW \if you want\ any species, but not wings only female prepayment on paypal auction ends 3 days after last bids or after AB Bids here in comments -> www.furaffinity.net: XMAS YCH by ZefyUnU
  7. WhimsyVonGrimm

    Holiday seasons time

    Since it's the end of the year and all the holidays are near past, anyone have a favorite holiday art piece they have made or commissioned from the year? I think holidays are the easiest way to gain inspiration for art <3 Xmas Whimsy art by me
  8. Randalieren

    I AM the Present [Christmas YCH]

    Dunno what to give your friend for Christmas? Why not wrap yourself and become the present? I made this as a joke originally but I decided to make it a YCH for people to have their OCs all wrapped up for Christmas. :3 this YCH is $5-$10 depending on the complexity of the character and any...
  9. daaiyah sims

    Christmas Commission Sale 15% OFF! (OPEN)

    really just need motivation to draw since i'm not being paid for what i'm doing.. so i have some Christmas commission pieces for sale limited time at, 15%, and i need some for emergency commissions. check out the new sales here: sta.sh/01480d8v8ez8 or you may purchase them at their original...
  10. Oshca

    [NSFW YCH auction] Christmas themed pic

    A naughty christmas YCH is waiting for bids. Santa's reindeer are relaxing in his groto to have a little fun before the big day... This is a NSFW YCH with two slots. Starting bids are £20 and £25 depending on which slot. In short, it's any anthro bi-pedal character, any gender, but no wings...
  11. little.fox

    Holiday YCH's! Yule themes! Full color starting at $20

    Hi there! I'm doing Holiday and Yule themed YCH's until the end of December ^^ Below are the YCH's I currently have available, along with their prices! Only one slot at a time will be open for each. I accept payment via Paypal, Amazon giftcard, or Cashapp. All of my YCH's can be ANY...
  12. ladypixelheart

    Christmas commissions and more!!

    Hello everyone! My commissions are now open for the month of December 2018! I will be taking 15 slots this month! Please take a look at my list of TOS/Commission Information before contacting me: ladypixelheart.deviantart.com: Commission Information and Updates What I can draw: Anthros...
  13. yuricanes

    Holiday Icons YCH!

    Doing a small batch of wreath icons for $35 USD a pop! You'll receive the full-res version, as well as 100x100px and 200x200px ver. Payment upfront through Paypal only. If interested please contact me at fossilcommissions@gmail.com!
  14. samuraiswordz

    [NSFW YCH - FLAT PRICES] Christmas Get Together [OPEN]

    (NSFW) Link to Auction: www.furaffinity.net: [YCH] Christmas Get Together [OPEN] by samuraiswordz Hello! Putting this out early to try to get it done before Christmas. Everyone who buys a slot will get an HD version Terms: - PayPal Only, I will need your e-mail to send an invoice - Prices are...
  15. daaiyah sims

    YCH Christmas Couples- Missle toe [$20-54]

    getting pretty early on some christmas stuff. made both feral/anthro couples! Prices: 1)ANTHRO $20.00 - Sketch (Flat) $30.00 - Lined (+$5 for shade/light) $40.00 - Full + Any species/gender(s) + expressions/position change ($8.00) 2) FERAL $20.00 - Sketch (Flat) $30.00 - Lined (+$5 for...
  16. Pupom

    Cute Christmas Icons!

    I can draw almost anything into a cutesy, cartoon art style! Perfect for Christmas gifts as well! 1 for $20, 2 for $30 Send a form here if you're interested goo.gl/forms/wGK76bH278fPxQRF3 Hope to work for ya soon <3
  17. Set

    [OPEN] Holiday Goodies! (Commissions)

    Hello! Welcome to my Holiday Shop! I've got quite a few goodies lined up and ready to go. Everything here is chibi (for now), so I hope you're ready for some cute drawings! Available Products: Linework = $15 Linework + Flat Colour = $20 Linework + Shading/Highlighting + Border (optional) =...
  18. The Matte-Black Cat

    Pre-ordering crap before Christmas

    Once upon a time, the Electric Blue 2 colored 2DS came out..My dumb behind decided to get it delivered Right around Christmas time..It was only a couple of weeks ahead. After days upon days of searching, I finally managed to find one online at good ol' Best Buy. I paid for it, and expected it...
  19. Open_Mind

    Favorite Furry Gifts!

    What were your favorite furry gifts this year? Did someone find something that was just right? Here's one I got that I thought "nailed it" :D
  20. Crimcyan

    What's your favorite Christmas/holiday movie?

    Title says it all, what's your favorite Christmas/holiday movie? Mine is probably the classic Home Malone.