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  1. fralea

    ✿ chibis ✿

    I can do human, furry, taur, etc, etc. Just not ferals this time. Lines: $12 Colour: $20 NSFW: +$2 Add character: +50% (prices are in USD and don't include tax) Wingit style. You can give an activity/hobby or a description of character personality which I will use to make the pose. There will...
  2. KrissySempaiArt

    Chirstmas Deal ! $13 Custom , mini ref , comes with digital icon or sketch added !

    Hey everyone ! Just posting this here for those interested , currentlt I’m doing a deal for all commissions where you get an icon or digital sketch with it ! This ends January 1st , and I’ll post the examples of what I just finished a few days ago for a friend named Ash on FB . Currently getting...
  3. ruruscube

    Xmas and regular commissions!

    Commission Journal: www.furaffinity.net: OPEN COMMISSIONS -- ruruscube's Journal All prices in EURO. Commission Examples: (Warning: Gallery mostly NSFW/Adult!) Artwork Gallery for ruruscube -- Fur Affinity [dot] net If youd like a xmas commission please order before the 18th dec. I cannot...
  4. Darklunac

    Christmas YCH 20$ waist up!

    I have this cute and funny christmas YCH for you :3 I Still have 2 or 3 spots left for grab! I won't take more since I want them done by Christmas! You can but your spot here by choosing the ''christmas YCH'' option of course! ;3 www.etsy.com: Dessin personnalisé commission Examples of finished...
  5. RhelArts

    CHIBI YCH - Santa Paws

    Got a fresh, hot, shiny new YCH for you folks, straight off the stove! In celebration of the holiday season coming up, I've got a cutesy little chibi YCH for folks who might be interested! This YCH will have multiple slots, your choice in character, colors, and expression, and is super...
  6. Derisyan

    YCH Christmas Gift

    INFO HERE »» www.furaffinity.net: YCH Christmas Gift by derisyan Example of finished artwork: This is a cute scene of lucky characters getting a brand new toy to play with! And who knows, maybe the "toys" themselves asked to be wrapped in red too! This auction will last a week ^^ Bidding...
  7. Simo

    The Grinch! (poll)

    I was thinking that the Grinch Who Stole Christmas has a sad ending...it came after all! I sort of want a version where the Grinch wins, as Christmas can be a really hard time for a lot of people, where they have to face bickering family members, feel compelled to spend money they don't have...
  8. Zel_____

    Holiday cards with drawings!

    Hey all! I just ordered a pack of holiday cards. This is the design that's on the front: If you would like a holiday card from me, I can include a custom sketch or ink on the inside for you. Card + Sketch = $9 Card + Ink = $18 You can see more of my work at Userpage of WanderingYena --...
  9. Bedlams

    Need a Pic of this girl by Christmas

    Hello! I just have a friend that I want to get a Christmas gift for her. It would be her character walking down the famous twisty hill from nightmare before Christmas (see the following image for the specific moment). I just need it by Christmas, but I'd like it as soon as possible, just to...
  10. spaceybrains

    Merry Yazmas (video)

    Yaz is the name of my friend's character. Get it?
  11. Keyoto-TheFox

    Paypal Christmas Commissions - OPEN

    Hello! I am here to mention that starting Saturday this week(the 17th), I will be open for paypal commissions. These will include, but are not limited to; sketches, flatcolors, basic shaded, complex shaded, and flats(no lines, either no shading or simplistic shading). I will do headshots, busts...
  12. Guilleum2

    Holly Icons (Dec only) $12

    Happy December! From now until the 25th I am selling holly-themed holiday icons! They are digitally drawn with a binary pen and flat-colored with a couple highlighted accents. They are made 500x500 and can be resized at your request for no charge! Icons are $12 each. Couples will be taken on a...
  13. Deathless

    10 Days until CHRISTMAS!!!

    Today is the 15th of December which means it's 10 days away until the 25th!!! As a celebration, what are you guys thinking you'll get for Christmas? Stay Strong and lets keep waiting!!! <3
  14. CelandineFox

    Holiday Female Mouse Character Design for Sale/Auction

    PLEASE BID HERE: ~*Link to the Auction on my FA*~ Naughty or nice? Santa always has his special little helper mice. Eve doesn't want a lot for Christmas; there is just one thing she needs. All she wants for Christmas is YOU! She's been an awful good girl, so won't you hurry down the chimney...
  15. eternityOnlooker

    Animated Winter Icons

    Customizable animated icons for $7 each. Slots unlimited! You pick: scarf color, background color, and expression Any gender/species. Humans/furs/reptiles all ok! Payment due in full at time of commission. PayPal USD only. IF the character requested is too complicated to put into a 100x100 gif...
  16. May825

    Ki'Eruu's Christmas Challenge PLUS RAFFLE!

    **LIST WILL BE UPDATED ON JOURNAL! Full slots here! Ki'Eruu's Christmas Challenge -- may825's Journal -- Fur Affinity [dot] net $35 slots, color and shaded with backgrounds. Chances for free art with raffle! Tiered raffle depending on how many slots are sold! So i'm going to try and challenge...
  17. Keegen

    Christmas present for my friends.

    Hello! I need someone to draw (or even sketch, i can try to color myself) a picture of those 3 characters, as friends sitting on a couch or doing something together. I want it to be christmas present for them both and I would really appreciate any help! ^^
  18. SevenArms

    $15 YCH - OPEN- Christmas edition!

    Get ready for the holidays!! New YCH -OPEN- Only $15 each!! >>>Paypal only >>>You must pay in advance >>>Any species welcome!! >>>You can choose if the stockings are on or off >>>You can choose if the hair pin are on or off Only 5 slots open!!! 1.- OPEN 2.- OPEN 3.- OPEN 4.- OPEN 5.-...
  19. bhutrflai

    Merry HanaKwanzMas

    Tell me how you feel about the upcoming Holidays. Do you even celebrate? With family or friends? Gluttonous eating or just kinda grazing for 6 weeks? Lots of gifts, or just a few thoughtful ones? Do you decorate your entire property, or do you not even send cards? Turkey Day is usually with...
  20. twilightakamar

    YCH Auction, Holiday ladies

    Two figure, YCH auction. Starting Bid: $40 Minimum bid increase is 5$ Autobuy: 100$ (one can hope) Auction ends 11-24-16, at 8pm cnt. (or roughly around thirdsies of pie). Please bid at www.furaffinity.net: YCH Holiday Ladies by Twilakam