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  1. PercyD

    {Closed 1-26 thru 2-2} Flat 40 YCH! [Body Diversity][Exotic Species Marine & Reptilian]

    Hello! I'm shutting down the shop for the next week. You can find out why here: www.furaffinity.net: {Closed} Special Resting Day: Fathers B-Day &100 Submissions -- PercyD's Journal TL;DR: I'm honoring my late father's b-day this week. Plus I've got some grants due on the 1st to crank out! Any...
  2. Sprite

    Need NSFW Reference for Chubby Herm (CLOSED)

    I recently purchased an adopt and was looking to have it fleshed out and defined better than its original, simplistic picture. The character is a hermaphroditic dragon with a heavyset, chubby build. I'm specifically defining their race as sea dragon. I have some specifications as to exactly how...
  3. SalemBitchTrials

    Cheap Commissions! [$5-$20]

    Headshot Full Color DIGITAL: $5 Additional Character: +$3 Thigh-Up Flat Color DIGITAL: $5 Full Color TRADITIONAL: $5 Full Color DIGITAL: $10 Additional Character: +$5 Background: +$10 Full Body Flat Color DIGITAL: $10 Full Color TRADITIONAL: $10 Full Color DIGITAL: $20 Additional Character...
  4. S

    Raptor-roo back in action... sort of.

    Hey folks. So I decided to get off my comfort zone of just Guild Wars 2 and weapon designs all day, and update my sona a bit... or a lot, lol. I loved both my raptor-roo and minotaur sonas so much, I kept getting indecisive between the two. I also really like the idea of having a snake for a...
  5. Pthumerian

    {CLOSED} (NSFW) Character Design Commission | Male Lop Bunny | $125-200

    Hi! So, I’m looking to get a ref made of my fursona. The problem is that I don’t actually have another ref readily available for him apart for some free-use line-art I’ve colored to get his colors and markings down. Because of that, this is more so a character design commission than an average...
  6. A

    Looking for two Character NSFW commission (~25$)

    Good Morning, I am looking for artists capable and willing to draw a two character digital picture with NSFW content. The characters involved will be hermaphrodites. What am I looking for? - Artists who have experience in: Older characters ( age visibly showing), Hermaphrodites, Thicker...
  7. H

    Looking For A Female RP Partner (Fat Furry)

    I'm looking for a girl into fat furries to RP with. Message me if you're interested! Skype: Astro Husky (I'm the one with this profile picture) www.dropbox.com: yes.jpg
  8. A

    Looking for affordable art (NSFW)(Budget 30$)

    Currently I am looking for an artist to draw one or several ideas I have on my mind. They range from single character design commissions to couple pictures. They all got in common that they will be adult rated in content. There are few requirements for the artist, as always, to consider...
  9. fralea

    OOAK Plush Adopt $11 SB

    7-18-17 SOLD 7-11-17 EDIT: I revamped this design, which I had been planning to do. Now they are a plushie! I'm really happy with how they turned out. Plushie adopt! SB $11, AB comes with an extra portrait. Hand drawn OOAK, no base. more info: www.furaffinity.net: Plushie Adopt sb$11 [open]...
  10. Galzar

    Looking for someone to do either bustshot or ref-sheet of stocky lion | 40$

    Heya! So I'm kinda new to this whole deal, and I see all these people with amazing avatars or something to base their fursona on... So I though I should be one of those people too! I'm looking for someone that wants to draw a classical lion (no lion king style though, please) that's quite...
  11. ChubbyPawsNikki

    Commissions Open

    Hello everyone! I currently have my commissions open to help keep myself afloat due to some recent financial issues that came up. These commissions start as little as $5 usd! If you're interested, do give them a look at! If you're interested in commissioning me, either send me a note or...
  12. Nendakitty

    $10 Chubby Chibis Any pose/species/gender/rating

    Not too much luck over on FA, still seems kinda quiet there, i'm selling cheap chubby chibis! c: order here or find me over on furaffinity : Nendakitty
  13. RoaringFlameCat

    Looking for an artist who likes to draw Chub!

    Hello all! I'm looking for an artist who can draw chubby for me (no heavier than 300 Lbs) I have a herm bear named Lua who doesn't have very much art. I've just come from Anime Central so I'm not in the market at this very moment, but I am still gonna look so when I'm not broke I can get some...