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  1. Ovidia Dragoness

    Day of Dragons Clan Discord Server!

    Come join the Sky Dragon Clan! We're a Day of Dragons' clan getting pumped up for the beta and early access. If any of you want a nice group of friends to hang out with and play the game as well as roleplay, come join us. We hope you enjoy your stay! DM for an invite!
  2. Origin

    For any Old School Runescape players looking to join a pvp/pvm clan

    Zero Tolerance ZT for short is looking for new members! ZT is mainly a pk clan that does pvm events as well, we have a friendly community of members that is free of racism/hate of any sort (strictly enforced). The clan has been around since 2009 and is run by a player mod by the name of Torre...
  3. max-sutari

    Destiny 2 all furry clan recruitment (Pc/ps4)

    Hello one and all. My friends and I have a clan and we're looking to expand our member pool. We are all chill and laid back players looking for like minded furs to join us. If you're interested leave a comment below with your psn and/or blizzard username and we'll go from that point. Thank you...
  4. P

    Monster Hunter World Squads (Team up with other furs)

    Hey~! Surprised no one has posted this yet! :o In Monster Hunter world you can create and join squads to be able to group up and hunt together. So why not make some furry squads and join some like minded individuals who love hunting monsters (or being hunted by monsters ;P) So chat it up on here...
  5. Eifriet

    No longer relevant thread

  6. AdroitCoyote

    Casual Destiny/Overwatch Players: X1

    Two friends and I are looking for a handful of furry gamers who'd like to make a small group or clan or whatever you want to call it to frequently play together. We're primarily looking for Destiny players that would be interested in Raiding frequently, like once a week, or playing Crucible...
  7. Tsuki_Wulf

    The Division PS4 Clan Black Dogs Unit (BDU)

    Welcome, I'm going to quickly get to the point, this is a more casual community for The Division on PS4 that I am trying to throw together. More of a list of people to game with you could say. So far I have a Discord server with the name for text chat and or voice chat if so desired. As well...
  8. W

    Recruiting for furry SC2 Clan

    If you play SC2 and are furry/scalie, pop in my stream @ www.twitch.tv/wrathundiondthewolf and throw me your SC2 info, or comment it below.