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  1. Boponopune

    Soul Music

    I am super happy with this illustration. It has been many days of work that have been worth it. :):):)
  2. Kit H. Ruppell

    Any Interest in Indian Music?

    I've been listening to various forms of Indian music for years now, and I'm wondering if any other fuzzbutts were at least curious about it. Currently I am studying sitar under a teacher in India by video call. He can teach a variety of instruments, but specializes in classical vocals, harmonium...
  3. Felix Bernard

    A Hymn I Composed

    Here I will link to both the software-created MP3 of the hymn, as well as the sheet music with lyrics! I composed this during last October month to celebrate the 500th year anniversary of the Protestant Reformation. drive.google.com: Across the Earth.mp3 drive.google.com: Across the Earth.pdf
  4. Leo Whitepaw

    Classic or Dubstep

    Which one do you like the most? Why am I making this
  5. zoinky

    cool classical/hiphop artist I found

    I thought these guys were pretty neat what do you think :D